Ripsime – Tell me the lie (Video)

“”Tell me the lie” reminds us the fake face of this cruel world. Many leaders promise peace, but they make wars to achieve it! This Adult Contemporary song has a clear message and quite affectionate rythmic patterns, which cannot leave you indifferent.”

FKA Ripsy May, this is the debut single by ‘Ripsime’. Written and produced by the British Armenian musician and artist, ‘Tell me the lie’ was written 1 week before the war in Armenia back in 2020.

The music video contains never seen before footage from a film that Ripsime shot with Au Fait films back in October 2018 in the region of Artsakh (Armenia). In October 2020, war broke out and 2/3 of the land given away with much of it destroyed.

This is an area where Ripsime’s family are from and currently reside. Much of the footage has never been seen before and has been exclusively premiered on Youtube 12 hours ago, all grassroots.

The song will be released as NFTs in the next few weeks with percentage of the proceeds going to the people of Artsakh.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 29, 2021