Road Kahan – New Home (Spotify)

“Too artistic to be true, "New Home" is made of soul-touching synth melodies, popping beat and exuberant percussion patterns. We just couldn't resist in its affectionate character, which simply made our day. Thumbs up for the artists!”

Dutch force Road Kahan, the studio guise of masterminds Bardo Camp and Daan van de Pol, couldn’t have chosen a more fiAng name to their latest release. ‘New Home’ is the second single of their brand new endeavour; the Interstellar Frequencies label – which shows to be a safe haven for anything forward-thinking and genre-bending. Following the kick-off with ‘Observer’, Road Kahan delivers, once again.

No restricNons, that’s the rule. And so, you’ll find a plethora of styles hiding in the many layers of ‘New Home’. Melodic swirls around in the depths of progressive, with vocals that some might define as hip hop, but swim in a sea of musical synergy. Fit for both warm-up and peak Nme dance floor delight, as well as your early morning running session, this one knows exactly how to move your mind and get your feet dancing – whether you’re at home or down the club.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 19, 2021