ROCHESTER – Perseverance (Video)

“Here comes the blast of Rochester. Not the typical Hip-Hop, but some short of teaching experience. Those lyrics of wisdom can give you back the lost courage to fight and overcome every obstacle in life. “Keep going”!”

Toronto-based artist ROCHESTER has releeased “Perseverance” off his 2020 album Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines. The music video is a photo album flipping through the highs and lows of the rapper’s life as he gets personal and reflects. It opens with a young ROCHESTER, happy and smiling as he’s being interviewed, followed by footage throughout his career including a flick with Grammy Award-Winning producer Scott Storch. As it continues, ROCHESTER raps “I wish my daughter could walk, she wasn’t stuck in a chair” paired with footage of his young daughter, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just 6 months old. Throughout the video, there is a message within the song to keep going no matter your situation; persevere. He closes by encouraging the viewers to follow their dreams no matter what.

ROCHESTER has accomplished a lot as a young emcee, but he ensures he has a lot more in store.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 13, 2021