“Sometimes, we capture the flow of sudden and uncontrollable emotions. Time stands still, and the ground slipping under our feet. The new composition of -Roman Wróblewski – Into Shadow- evokes such emotions. Emotional, soulful waltz lone piano.”

“Порой, нас захватывает поток внезапных и неконтролируемых эмоций. Время останавливается, и земля уходит из-под ног. Новая композиция -Roman Wróblewski – Into Shadow- пробуждает именно такие эмоции. Эмоциональный, душевный вальс одинокого пиано.”

2555 empty bottles and a dark image symbolizing the alcoholic’s disease – the new music video by Roman Wróblewski.

The second video promoting Roman Wróblewski’s debut album is a brutal record of the history of
progressive addiction, in which the main focus is on the tragedy and nature of this disease.
Unlike his other two music videos, this time Wróblewski plays the protagonist himself, abandoning
the collaboration with experienced dancers. Thanks to this move, the image gains authenticity and
the natural movements of the main character give it a personal touch. In the choreography created
by Roman Wróblewski, the three key moments are the silent screams of the addict, inaudible to the
viewer and at the same time incomprehensible for the alcoholic himself. These screams are filled
with anger, fear and madness. Moreover, in the awe-inspiring image we find symbols of decline,
suffering and the struggle that the unconscious addict has with his illness.
The video complements the song “Into Shadow” – a sad and catchy melody dominates the whole
composition and is highlighted by a beautiful accompaniment and a looped motif building tension.
The cinematic character of the music on Roman Wróblewski’s new album finds a special place in
this video, adding a dark tone and emphasizing the tragedy of the main character.
The video is a very intimate statement from Roman. To shoot it, exactly 2555 bottles of alcohol
were used, which is the number of days corresponding to 7 years of active addiction of the author
of the video. The progressive change of the main character and the increasing number of bottles in
the video highlights the evolution of the disease until the climactic scene where the video focuses
on the social nature of addiction and the isolation resulting from the disease’s progression.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 22, 2021

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