“Coming out in the next month, Rose's sweet single sounds too good to be true. In this mix, the sound is dynamic and captivating, made from various layers that perfectly complete the vocal part. Feel the Electro Pop magic and forget everything else. ”


New Electro Pop Remix of Rose Ranger's latest Pop single "Confession" remixed by Grammy Winning Mixer, Phil Larsen of Manhattan Clique!

Artist said about this song:

'I feel that music is the most powerful medium in our culture because it is a universal language. Music has the ability to move us into our heart and out of our fears. And so I am wearing my heart on my sleeve with “Confession,” the new song from my album out in May 2022. At some point, most of us have felt that we weren't ready for something. We needed more time to get to know ourselves better. Have a listen to "Confession” on SoundCloud and Spotify. More specifically, this is a musical love letter to someone from the past who you had an undeniable chemistry and connection with, but couldn’t make it work. Sometimes in the process of trying to figure out what we want, we might confuse or hurt people around us. The music video communicates both regret and hope, after finding honesty and a sense of peace in self-reflection. Head over to YouTube to watch it now.' - www.roseranger.com