“How often did you notice that the phone in your hands overshadowed your whole life and bright sunlight no longer pleases you as before. Familiar feeling? So the new single from -rosie is trying to reach your hearts, picking up the key to the locked doors. Open them.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как часто вы замечали за собой, что телефон в ваших руках затмил всю вашу жизнь и яркий солнечный свет больше не радует вас как прежде. Знакомое чувство? Вот и новый сингл от -rosie- старается достучаться до ваших сердец, подбирая ключ к запертым дверям. Откройте их.”

Rosie Darling is the kind of anomaly who pushes pop music forward by uncompromisingly embracing her own artistic impulses and following them to unprecedented heights. “I really believe less is more,” she exclaims. “I let the music speak for itself as the lyrics say something important for me. I don’t do things to get quick validation or views. If your art is authentic, it will reach its potential without having to think about it. I’m telling stories and putting myself into the lyrics.”

But, it’s also why the Boston-born and Los Angeles-based artist has effectively emerged as a phenomenon with millions of streams and widespread praise courtesy of FLAUNT, Wonderland, EARMILK, PopMatters, and many more. Rosie’s debut EP Coping introduced the world to her powerful, raw vocals and heart-on-her-sleeve writing. Reminiscent of her peers (Chelsea Cutler, Julia Michaels, & Olivia Rodrigo) yet uniquely herself, Darling has amassed legions of fans who were “smoking cheap pre-rolls and listening to LANY” alongside her. These fans boosted title track – “Coping” – Top 20 on Spotify’s Global Viral chart and tallying over 40 million streams to date and “establishing Rosie as a newcomer to watch in 2021” (House of Solo).

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
July 1, 2022

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