RUNAE – Let the Werewolf Out (Spotify)

“With a deep dark electronic sound and a distinct delicate voice this synthpop single from a new entrant artist is a highly related song given the fact it correlates with the need of people to let their mind go while they freely dance during this restrictant period”

Let The Werewolf Out is a song about letting loose, being crazy and letting go of all frustrations. We sometimes find it easier to act like this when we are in a disguise- like at Halloween. This is why I see the the upcoming occasion of Halloween as a perfect time to let the Werewolf out dancing in the streets! For a long time I have imagined this picture inside my head of a large group of people dancing closely together in the streets to celebrate that we have won the battle against corona! Hopefully this will happen one day, and until then I hope you will dance to my song at home, inside your head, or whereever else it's possible, and just let go of whatever you need to let go of.

I write songs about duality and the hidden, and I am inspired by the cycles of nature, and how they affect the ever-changing minds of people. My artist name RUNAE also bares this double meaning. It stems from the Nordic name, Runa, which means "to flow" and secret love", and I like to see this as a symbol of the flow of nature and all the hidden stories and secrets we all carry within- two elements that affect human beings from the outside and the inside.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 29, 2020