“A delightful timeless, barroom bluesy, honky-tonk type piano lead tune that is the perfect vehicle for Sally’s wonderful, charming vocals. A song that recounts the way it feels to revisit a special place from your past to find everything, including yourself has changed. I could listen to this song again and again.”

This song is about the feeling we get when retreading old ground, when the places we have grown up in or spent time in seem to change around us but then again perhaps it is us who is changing? It is about that sense of displacement and reflection brought about by that uncanny feeling of revisiting a place and finding it or yourself changed.

Sally Rushbrook's is a music that has forgotten its own age.

Distinctly old in style, these songs draw influence from folk, gypsy jazz and barroom blues. Yet, this music seems as contemporary as ever it might have done when Sally uses these influences to craft narrative songs around characters with unmistakably modern preoccupations.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 15, 2021

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