“Grab the chance to listen this Neo-Soul tune of "Shaya Ritchie". Loaded with deep emotionality, bittersweet melodies and sensitive vocals, it cannot leave you unaffected. Comming out in late February, we're convinced for its success.”

British soul R&B singer/songwriter Shaya Ritchie shares her powerful new single ‘Hurt No More’, out on all streaming platforms on 28 January.

Naming Alicia Keys, Ella Mai, Jorja Smith and Sabrina Claudio as her biggest inspirations, Shaya thrives on the ability to experiment with the feelings and emotions she’s able to convey through her music. Drawing on her combined influences, she fuses classic soulful-R&B with beautiful melodies along with a powerful and deep tone, mirroring the nostalgic sound of the early 90s.

Speaking of the track, Shaya says, “With this track, I want my listeners to know that there is a limit to the pain and suffering caused by hurtful relationships and deceit, and that experiences and stories like this do exist for others to relate to. I hope that when people listen to my music, they will feel connected to it in some way and know that they are not alone.”

Growing up in West London with a Caribbean heritage, Shaya was always surrounded by different musical genres and cultures which has really influenced her musical sound today. She fell in love with the sound of music as soon as she was able to understand the different harmonies and melodies, and began to express herself by writing her own songs and singing covers at a very young age.

Shaya’s style has been influenced by some of the most iconic R&B and Soul artists over the years which have positively shaped her approach in the way she sings. She also holds a strong passion for Jazz, Classical and other instrumental music scenes, and has found her niche in combining her favourite sounds into one style of music, backed by the true sound of Soul.

Shaya Ritchie is set to make waves in the UK’s thriving R&B scene which is currently seeing a major revival, joining the ranks of other rising British artists such as Jorja Smith and Mahalia. ‘Hurt No More’ is the first of a string of releases for Shaya in 2022.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 23, 2022

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