“What an interesting combination of classical music and jazz, in the ocean of whose emotions they dance and sing piano and cello. The overall picture of the composition complements the bass with its depth, summing up the soft sound line under the structure of the entire work.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Какое интересное сочетание классической музыки и джаза, в океане эмоций которых танцуют и поют фортепиано и виолончели. Общую картину композиции дополняет бас своей глубиной, подводя мягкую звуковую линию под структурой всего произведения.”


This is an uptempo and fun piece for cello and piano. The cello is replicating the sound of an acoustic bass with pizzicato, which worked well with the jazz feel of this piece.