Sunday Driver – Somewhere Nice (Spotify)

“Clear flow of warmth and light straight into your consciousness and ears! A song filled with kindness and positive elements. Its bright and expressive rhythm matches competently with its expressive vocals. Extremely professional work!”

“Чистый поток тепла и света прямиком в ваше сознание и уши! Песня наполненная символами добра и позитива, в которой яркий и выразительный ритм грамотно сочетается с весёлым и очень позитивным вокалом! Чрезвычайно профессиональная работа!”

Sunday Driver announce their first single since 2020's ‘Time Machine’. Taken from their forthcoming new album Sun God, ‘Somewhere Nice’ is a hypnotic, poppy return from a band that like the rest of us is just about holding on! Whilst the song has very little lyrical content, what lyrics there are capture life in 2021 perfectly: I can see you holding on, but I don't believe my eyes, So let me take you on a ride somewhere nice.

This theme is echoed by guitar player Chemise's revolving 7/4 riff, which not only serves to make the track feel immediate and intricate but represents the lyrics and themes from the upcoming record.

On the song, lead singer Chandy Nath explains:

"Escapism, being transported to that ‘other place’ – whether real or imaginary – that’s what the song is fundamentally about. Even when everything seems to be falling apart, there’s a voice in your head that tells you that ‘here and now’ is transitory and that there will be a release from it all, maybe it’s inaccessible right now but it’s there and you will get to it, someday a long way from now.

This song has taken on new meaning for me after lockdown – it encapsulates a sense of being at breaking point but still managing to hold it together. Holding on to the conviction that we will (eventually) be somewhere else. Somewhere Nice.

For many people, the first lockdown meant being confined at home, with one day being much the same as another, and yet at the same time a sense of danger, of impending doom, of apocalypse. The sense of there being nowhere to go. Before Covid, ‘going somewhere’ was a pretty ordinary thing but in the immediate aftermath of lockdown even a drink at the local became a huge event."

The song bounces around playfully with Kat Arney's clarinet lines floating overhead, tight bass and drums and smatterings of genius from tabla maestro Kuljit Bhamra, his interactions with drummer Pete Mansfield find some particularly hopeful points of joy frequently.

More details on Sunday Driver’s new album Sun God will follow early 2022 alongside a string of new single releases.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 4, 2021