“-Tara novak- sings about how important it is to remain yourself and follow the call of your heart. Strong, emotional vocals, beautiful instrumental music and a state of anticipation that good times await us ahead. Feel the wind of change behind your back and follow it.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Tara Novak- поёт о том, как важно оставаться собой и следовать зову своего сердца. Сильный, эмоциональный вокал, красивая инструментальная музыка и состояние предвкушения, что впереди нас ждут хорошие времена. Почувствуйте за спиной ветер перемен и следуйте за ним.”


This is a song for everyone. It is a ballad about the journey towards self-expression. Have you ever felt put in a box by others? Have you ever felt restricted by expectations (others and your own)? This song talks about the pain of those feelings while still believing that you have the ability to truly step into a unique existence. This is a song about the power of being YOU.