THAT KIND – One Last Time [Official Visualiser] (Video)

“Such a beautiful progressive house, the soundtrack that follows you back on way to home after a crazy Saturday night with friends, giving you a bit of nostalgia for what has end but a sweet memory forever. Solid production and wonderful sound design here.”

Fast-rising electronic duo THAT KIND are back with new single, ‘One Last Time’ – the follow-up to anthemic breakout record, ‘Lights Go Down’, which was supported on the UK’s BBC R1 & KISS FM, as well as racking up over 10 million global streams to date.

Based in Dunfermline, just to the north of Edinburgh in Scotland, THAT KIND – comprised of members Jack & Taylor – have been writing and producing music together since they were teenagers. Working out of their own home studio, their records mesh together warm, technicolour electronics, live instrumentation – keys, guitar, bass – and their own vocals.

Inspired by Jack’s love of dance music, particularly the slick, crossover productions of Calvin Harris, and Taylor’s fondness for bands like Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House and more recently, Paramore, growing up, their sound meets at an unusual intersection; “THAT KIND’s music is stealthy but the message is tender”, writes Lauren Martin in their artist bio, “weaving tales of romance and longing through their elastic beats”.

Infectious new single ‘One Last Time’ echoes those sentiments wholly and following the early success of ‘Lights Go Down’ earlier this summer, lays down a marker; THAT KIND are most definitely ones to watch.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 19, 2020