Thyra Hilden – All Shadows Are One

“A delicate, sweet and such fabulous Dream Pop capable of taking the consciousness of a relaxed listener to distant and such unpredictable worlds of magic sounds and melodies. Dissolve in the voice -thyra hilden- And let her music take you to its shores.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Нежный, сладкий и такой сказочный Dream Pop способный унести сознание расслабленного слушателя в далёкие и такие непредсказуемые миры волшебных звуков и мелодий. Растворитесь в голосе -Thyra Hilden- и пусть её музыка унесёт вас к своим берегам.”

The single “All Shadows Are One” will fit perfectly on any CHILL-, SOFT-, INDIE-, DREAM- or BEDROOM POP playlist. Its catchy bouncy seducing basslines and soft sophisticated vocals will appeal to fans of Men I Trust, Billie Eilish, Beabadoobee and The Marias. It transmits the rare feeling of unity when bright Nordic fog envelops your world. The single will brighten your longing soul, on a bike ride through the city, with a breeze in your face and every possible future in your heart. Even though your love is gone, all sweet feelings are still yours!

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 10, 2022