Ulas Sarper – Homecoming (Spotify)

“Long Way Home - the postulate of a new composition of the classic artist Ulas Sarper. Soon or later, after achieving all the desired goals, the moment of awareness of the truth - it's time to go home; there is a fire in the fireplace and your love is waiting you there.”

“Долгая дорога домой - постулат новой композиции классического исполнителя Ulas Sarper. Рано или поздно, после достижения всех желаемых целей, наступает момент осознания истины - пришло время возвращаться домой; там горит огонь в печи и вас непременно кто-то ждёт.”


Artist shared with Nagamag few words behind this song:

"When creating this song, I thought what I feel when I drive home each day. Yearning for my family, happiness, doubts, mixed feelings... That's the reason why this song includes major / minor scale transitions indicating mood changes from happy to sad. I came up with simple melodies and by improvising it, I structured the chord progressions. "


Reviewed by Nagamag on February 25, 2021