Thomas Rottenbücher – Pales Comes The Morning (Spotify)

“Excellent ballads, performed by country singer-songwriter Thomas Rottenbücher, which remain with you for a long time. Easy and memorable guitar chords and common unsuccessful rhythms - all of which you hear in the All In This Song album. Pales Comes The Morning our favorite. ”

“Отличные баллады, исполняемые кантри-музыкантом Thomas Rottenbücher, которые на долго останутся с вами. Лёгкие и запоминающиеся гитарные аккорды и общий неспешный ритм - всё это вы услышите в альбоме All In This Song. ”

Until he was 69, Thomas Rottenbücher took his time to publish his first album "All in this song". It took a lot of experience and scars to be ready for it. The life story of the Munich-born songwriter reads like an exciting book that explores many abysses and contains addiction and longing.

Just like himself, Thomas Rottenbücher's album “All in this song” needed the time to mature, which is now revealed in a relaxed way in the soulful songs.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 25, 2021