Våke – Farer (Video)

“All the light that beats an invisible, warm ray from our souls, the one we carefully give to those who care and cherish so gratuitously. This heartwarming composition, witch comes from Norway, is a vivid example of this.”

“Весь свет, который бьёт невидимым, тёплым лучом из наших душ, мы бережно дарим тем, кто нам дорог и кого мы так безвозмездно любим и дорожим. Данная композиция, с приветом из Норвегии, тому яркий пример.”


Våke is a Norwegian folk band, based in Oslo, that consists of Rannveig (vocals), Andreas (guitar) and Vårin (vocals and violin). They aspire to make unassuming, honest songs about things that matter. Their style is influenced by 70s folk and country, but they like to play around with different expressions.

All photos credited to Martin Halvorsen.


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 16, 2020