Valentina Blú – VIBE

“Each person lives on his own island, separate from the whole world and constantly in search of one single goal - to find music that could satisfy all their needs. If you still have not met the same hit in your life, then this track will be a real discovery for you! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Каждый человек живет на своём отдельном от всего мира острове и постоянно в поисках одной единственной цели — найти музыку, которая смогла бы удовлетворить все их потребности. Если вы до сих пор так и не повстречали тот самый хит в вашей жизни, то этот трек станет для вас настоящим открытием! ”

A smooth track with afrobeat and r&b influences, “VIBE” talks about distancing yourself from a toxic relationship. While switching seamlessly between English and Spanish, Valentina Blú's vocals carry the song's message with confidence, sensuality, and attitude. Written by Valentina Blú and Dominican musician Fernando Faneyte, VIBE was produced by Valentina Blú and PIEK, an acclaimed Spanish DJ and producer.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 18, 2022