Ehrling – Fire

“Summer is getting closer and the temperature rises to fire levels. This track from "Ehrling" has exactly the sound we need to listen. Happy, funky and catchy EDM patterns blended with vocal effects in an effortless way.”

Swedish Artist Ehrling (Born Harald Ehrling, 1995) emerged in Stockholm in 2016. He started out with sharing his talent by creating copyright-free music, using his saxophone to express his feelings to the world. As the demand of his music grew, which Ehrling had confirmed through the amount of streams that was reached on his songs & mixes (approximately over 30+ million streams), it was only obvious to raise the standards and aim at reaching new heights as a DJ/Composer.

Having 10 years of experience creating music, Ehrling is at the best possible position to co-lead the genre of happy vibes. If your future is filled with luxurious events, day-parties and tropical atmospheres, you will without a doubt cross paths with Ehrling’s music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 18, 2022