Winter Gardens – Crystallise

“Come through the atmosphere Electro Pop and become part of this enchanting performance. The vocalist’s voice takes somewhere to the distance, dissolving beyond the horizon and not letting go for a second! Music, which is capable of performing the incredible – pulling you out of the comfort zone.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Окажитесь в окружении атмосферы Electro Pop и станьте частью этого фееричного представления. Голос вокалистки уносит куда-то в даль, растворяя за горизонтом и не отпуская ни на секунду! Музыка, которая способна совершить невероятное — вытянуть вас из привычной вам зоны комфорта.”

For fans of Chvrches, St Lucia, Foxes and more, Winter Gardens’ new single ‘Crystallise’ combines bubbling, transcendental synths and locomotive disco beats. Taking inspiration from some of the more avant-garde artists of the 1980’s, the track looks to create something not heard before but yet slightly familiar — a forward look into the future of the past.

Crystallise is the latest in a series of critically acclaimed singles from the Brighton-based band, following their 2020 debut EP ’Tapestry’. Led by the stunning vocals of singer Ananda Howard, the band’s music features cascading guitars, arping synthesisers, elegantly flowing keys, serene textures and a pulsing groove glued together with a brooding energy.

The single’s bright sound is matched by a lyrical message about the darker side of social media: “In an age of fabricated ideology that most of us maunder aimlessly through a digital reality, promoting and expressing your output can become almost overwhelming and ironically disconnecting” explains Ananda. “Expectations of image, “proving yourself” and an obligation to create statuses can cause a loss of context.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 9, 2022