yair levi x shai sol – Refa Na

“Beautiful, melodic acoustic design from the wizards of sound magic -yir levi & Shai Sol-. Music as a prayer to the saint, enriches the soul and fills our hearts with light. Light the flame of good inside yourself and pray to those who bless your righteous path.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивое, мелодичное акустическое оформление от волшебников звуковой магии -Yair Levi & Shai Sol-. Музыка как молитва святым, обогащает душу и наполняет светом наши сердца. Зажгите внутри себя пламя добра и помолитесь тем, кто благословляет ваш праведный путь.”


“Refa Na” Yair Levi & Shai sol

A prayer song for healing.

In these abnormal days when humanity is battling with the Corona virus disease – Yair Levi and Shai Sol paint the familiar prayer in embracing colors and curative harmony – already generating awareness and interest in communities around the world

This prayer according to the Jewish faith is considered to have special virtues. “Refa Na -Please Heal” –A prayer Moses pleaded for his sister Miriam who had leprosy and recovered because of these prayers.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 16, 2022