Zenon Marko – Night Walk Home (Spotify)

“Each of us at least once returned home along the dark, barely lit streets. -Night Walk Home- so clearly and distinctly immerses in memories that you almost feel your presence on the cool, night alleys of your hometown.”

“Каждый из нас хотя бы однажды возвращался по тёмным, едва освещённым улицам домой. -Night Walk Home- на столько ясно и отчётливо погружает в воспоминания, что практически ощущаешь своё присутствие на прохладных, ночных переулках родного города.”


“Morning Star” consists of works composed by Zenon Marko in the immediate aftermath of his mother’s death. These minimalist and atmospheric ambient piano pieces were written as tribute, meditations, and expressions of the diversity of emotions, reactions, thoughts, memories, hopes and fears that follow upon such a loss. The music also attempts to sympathetically comprehend the experience of one’s last days and weeks, facing mortality. The hope is that others who have experienced loss, or are facing their own mortality, will feel an echo, a recognition, and perhaps find solace, within this music. All the pieces are at a tempo of 60 beats per minute, the rhythm of the second hand of a clock, to express the sense of time passing, inevitability and transience.


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 9, 2021