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Amen Sioux – Shivering In Bed

“The melody carries a completely different atmosphere, which is unlike anything. It is saturated with the pressure and real Waib Indie R&B and Rock music, in which your subconscious growing power and energy, pulling it out of the comfort zone! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия несёт совершенно иную атмосферу, которая непохожа ни на что. Она насыщена напором и настоящим вайбом indie R&B и rock музыки, в которой нарастающая мощность и энергия взрывают ваше подсознание, вытаскивая его и вас из зоны комфорта!”

Influenced by the likes of Yves Tumor,Bakar, Blur and early Lenny Kravitz, the British- Italian artist Amen Sioux melds rock, alternative R&B, psychedelia and electronica in a visceral and authentic sound that explores the boundaries of modern-pop music.

Amen Sioux is a permanent revolution talking about hidden desires, self-liberation, difficult and often unsightly circumstances underscored by the powerful message conveyed in his lyrics.

The third single ‘Shivering In Bed’ is co-produced and engineered by long-standing collaborator Saint Cruy, also co-written/produced by Lorenzo Busellato. Mixed and mastered by Andrea Grigolato at Hoodooh.

Layzi – Shop Around

“The new single -lyzi-, under the melody of which it is pleasant to be in proud loneliness, devastating the glass of your beloved drink. The melancholy, stylistic vocals of Indie R&B fully conveys the viscous, thick and leisurely atmosphere. You have nowhere to hurry. It's time to be alone with your thoughts. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый сингл -Layzi-, под мелодию которого приятно побыть в гордом одиночестве, опустошая бокал любимого напитка. Меланхоличный, стилистический вокал indie R&B в полной мере передаёт тягучую, густую и неторопливую атмосферу. Вам некуда спешить. Пришло время побыть наедине со своими мыслями.”

dilip – Pretend

“The vocal sounded so touching that it immediately steals and conquers your hearts! The pleasant rhythms of Lo-Fi Pop, the sound is very bright and rich, filled with various elements that adorn the sound canvas of the entire mix. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вокал звучал настолько трогательно, что сразу крадёт и покоряет ваши сердца! Приятные ритмы lo-fi pop, звук очень яркий и насыщенный, наполненный разнообразными элементами, которые украшают звуковое полотно всего микса.”

**dilip** is a Brooklyn-based singer, writer, and producer. Born and raised in an immigrant household in the Midwest, he started performing at the age of 5 and grew up immersed in a diverse set of musical genres. He was formerly a member of South Asian boy band Penn Masala, through which he toured internationally and made a cameo in the movie *Pitch Perfect 2.*

He released his solo debut EP, *golden*, in late 2019 with a series of live events and listening parties. His music weaves R&B and indie influences with pop sensibilities. Fans have compared his sound to that of early Frank Ocean, Cautious Clay, Mac Ayres, and Daniel Caesar.

He recently played a [sold-out show at The Delancey in NYC with over 200 people](, and is currently planning additional shows this summer and fall. *Pretend* is the first of a series of 3 singles that will be releasing this summer and ultimately packaged up as into a sophomore EP, in addition to planned collaborations with multiple other indie/r&b/pop artists that will be releasing later this year.

Story behind the song as artist said:

"I wrote this song after an unexpected breakup. I balanced my weightier emotions in the hook (conversations end / my heart left on read / was it all pretend) with a lighter, upbeat vibe that reflects my nostalgia for the happier memories with my ex during the summer we started dating. I recorded a demo, debuted the song at a sold-out show at The Delancey in NYC to lots of positive feedback, and then teamed up with Mike Mroz (producer for Hadji Gaviota and other indie artists) to finish the song."

M. Femme – Summer Rain

“Drops of summer rain on the umbrella dome and jazz melody with the mood of Indie R&B and Pop. The music exacerbates the rain as something ordinary, but not forgetting to focus on his romantic appearance. Open the windows, inhale the summer air and enjoy the new composition from -m. Femme-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Капли летнего дождя по куполу зонта и джазовая мелодия с настроением Indie R&B и Pop. Музыка превозносит дождь как нечто обыденное, но при этом не забывая сделать акцент на его романтическом облике. Приоткройте окна, вдохните летний воздух и насладитесь новой композицией от -M. Femme-.”


Alex Hecker - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Rhodes

Sam Mascorella - Lead Vocals

Nick Nihil - Guitar, Synths

Jack Chandelier - Drums, Percussion

Steve Steele - Bass, Guitar, Synths

Frank Vitolo - Tenor Sax

Brendan McGovern - Baritone Sax

LipServus Sunny - Trupet

Written by Alex Hecker

Arranged and Produced by 33 Trees and M.Femme

Recorded at:

The Treehouse (Seattle, WA)

and Push/Pull Studios (Seattle, WA)

Mixed and by 33 Trees

Mastered by Nick Nihil

Horn Arrangements by Frank Vitolo

Zardee – Profile

“Music, like an electric charge, runs through your whole body, you feel its semantic subtext, admire the manner of performance, high -quality arrangement and vocals. Warm waves R&B and AFROBEATS rhythm caressing rhythm. This is all you need in the next few minutes. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка словно электрический заряд пробегает по всему вашему телу, вы чувствуете её смысловой подтекст, восхищаетесь манерой исполнения, качественной аранжировкой и вокалом. Тёплые волны R&B и ласкающие слух ритмы Afrobeats. Это всё, что вам нужно в ближайшие несколько минут.”

Zardee from East London is an up and coming artist to look out for. Although from a younger age he was heavily influenced by T-Pain, Zardee's very first single in 2009 was the viral Funky House track "Ring-A-Roses"

Over the years, Zardee experimented with many different sounds until he finally found his niche, taking influences from the likes of Shaka and Masego. Zardee describes his music as a fusion of soulful R&B, with a hint of Jazz and a touch of Amapiano House here and there giving him a unique and modern style.

Also known as Bigz the host, Zardee hosts and DJs for many artists and influencers such as Trey Songz, Krept & Konan and wretch32, he also hosted on the Pepsi Stage at Wireless in 2020 and toured with Big Tobz.

Although Zardee is indeed a music artist, he prefers the term ‘Entertainer’ having also acted in short films and was an extra on the 2021 Tarzan movie. He continues to showcase his talent as a Musician, Host and Actor

Tim Schou – Little bit of good

“The one who made the arrangement to this track successfully guessed with the selection of tools, in building a harmonic sequence and in creating a general atmosphere. Vocal -tim Schou- creates the right voltage and practically glurates your attention to yourself. Wonderful Indie R&B with a light taste of HIP-Hop sound. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Тот, кто делал аранжировку к этому треку удачно угадал с подбором инструментов, в построении гармонической последовательности и в создании общей атмосферы. Вокал -Tim Schou- создаёт нужное напряжение и практически приклеивает ваше внимание к себе. Чудесный Indie R&B с лёгким привкусом Hip-Hop звучания.”

“Little bit of good” is a track with traces back to the sound of the early 2000’s pop and RnB scene, mixed with todays urban sound. The classy strings in the post chorus gives it away and has an almost Britney Spears’ “Toxic” vibe.

The song is about not being perfect, having less expectations to each other and not putting our lives on a pedestal. It is written by Tim Schou, Max Ulver and Mike Green.

The song is produced by Swedish Anton Hård Af Segerstad and sends Tim in a more pop and urban direction.

ANDRÆ – Dolls

“The track contains a background, structure and your own special concept, whose waves you capture as soon as you turn it on. The work is so original that it cannot be compared with anything. Unique sound and atmosphere! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек содержит в себе предысторию, структуру и свой особенный концепт, волны которого улавливаешь сразу, как только включаешь его. Работа настолько оригинальная, что её невозможно сравнить с чем-либо. Уникальный звук и атмосфера!”

ANDRÆ is back with his second tune of 2022: Dolls. Pushing his peculiar genre even further, he creates a soulful hyperpop and experimental electronic song, as the second chapter of the story he started with his previous release, I'm hungry.

These "dolls" are the people we idealize, objectify, and use in order to cope with the loss of a loved one, or the end of a relationship. Beyond the usual rebound, this person is seen as the perfect solution to a much more complex and personal issue, which ultimately fails and puts you back to square one.

Treis x Amaria – No Compromise

“Neo-Soul atmosphere, sensual vocals in the Indie R&B genre and enveloping the Chillwave melody. Music fills you from the inside, you feel the superiority of the peaceful mood over the imperfection of this world. This room has only you and music. Everything else is only a ghostly mirage. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Атмосфера Neo-Soul, чувственный вокал в жанре Indie R&B и обволакивающая мелодия Chillwave. Музыка наполняет вас изнутри, вы ощущаете превосходство умиротворенного настроения над несовершенством этого мира. В этой комнате есть только вы и музыка. Всё остальное лишь призрачный мираж.”

No Compromise is the fourth, and final single off Treis’ 3rd LP, which features vocals from the R’n’B Singer Amaria. No Compromise is an admission of existential fear by the narrator to a drunk friend at a party, knowing that the friend will not remember the importance of what he is saying. The narrator questions whether or not he finds solace in this, being finally freed from “keeping it in,” but doing nothing particularly constructive with this newfound freedom.

La Macarena Records – Good Times Roll, Pt. 3

“In vocal, something else prevails, there is a characteristic timbre balance, as if it were from another planet. This is a real mixture of passion and emotions that attracts to itself. A fantastic mood in the bright rays of Neo-Soul and Indie R&B, in the whirlpool of which you irrevocably drown. We guarantee! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В вокале преобладает нечто иное, присутствует характерный тембральный баланс, будто он с другой планеты. Это настоящая смесь страсти и эмоций, которая так и манит к себе. Фантастическое настроение в ярких лучах Neo-Soul и Indie R&B, в водовороте которых вы безвозвратно утоните. Гарантируем!”

About three months ago I had a dream, I was in a band playing Jack White’s guitar, which sounded like a bass, Charlie Watts was playing drums, Earl King was singing, there was a horn section and the Raelettes were doing the backing vocals. To one side were Lennon and McCartney shouting and clapping. It was a call and response song, between the singer and the riff, and the horns and the Raelettes jumped in in the chorus. When I woke up the song was still vivid in my memories.

Cymek – Take His Place (feat. Josephina)

“A very complex drawing of a rhythm-section in which the elements of Chillstep are present. The pits are simply amazing, falling into which you fall into the abyss, and then again, taking another sip of fresh air, throws you to the very bottom of the deep ocean cavity. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень сложный рисунок ритм-секции, в котором присутствуют элементы Chillstep. Ямы просто потрясающие, попадая в которые проваливаешься в бездну, а потом вновь, сделав очередной глоток свежего воздуха, бросает вас на самое дно глубокой океанской впадины.”

"Take His Place" was written about longing after a lost love, and the desire to replace a current partner with that person you're dreaming about. The song is performed by bass music artist Cymek and vocalist Josephina, and is released by Excision's label Subsidia.

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