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Millar Jukes – Tongue Tied

“What emotions this composition gives is impossible to convey in words, and with feelings too. -Millar Jukes- wrote just a magnificent track in the genres of Blues and Indie Rock, which can be included anyone who missed quality music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“То, какие эмоции дарит эта композиция невозможно передать словами, да и чувствами тоже. -Millar Jukes- написал просто великолепный трек в жанрах blues и indie rock, который можно включать любому, кто соскучился по качественной музыке.”

The Lilliston Effect – Funky Montgomery

“Improvisation in the genres of Funk and Blues is an integral part of all musical action. Each time, listening to this melody, you will discover something new again and again. The composition is the same, but it is easy to compare it with the casket of miracles, each time looking into which you do not know what awaits you there. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Импровизация в жанрах Funk и Blues неотъемлемая часть всего музыкального действия. Каждый раз слушая эту мелодию вы будете вновь и вновь открывать для себя что-то новое. Композиция одна и та же, но её легко сравнить со шкатулкой чудес, каждый раз заглядывая в которую не знаешь, что тебя там ожидает.”

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Charles Billingsley – It Had To Be You

“-Charles Billingsley- made a palette of shades of his sound more colorful and enveloping against the background of the general aesthetics of the musical canvas of the Blues genre. Such works can be listened to endlessly in a circle, all this elegant melody shocks the most secret corners of your soul. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Charles Billingsley- сделал палитру оттенков своего звучания более красочной и обволакивающей на фоне общей эстетичности музыкального полотна жанра Blues. Подобные работы можно слушать бесконечно по кругу, вся эта элегантная мелодия потрясает самые тайные уголки вашей души.”

Marína Ósk – Einsemd

“You will not notice how you will blame your glass, which was filled with you before listening to this jazz composition. The last hope is fraught in the soul that the moment of anticipation of something important will never end, but the curtain falls and you are again alone with yourself. What remains, how to turn on this miracle to repeat again and again. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы не заметите, как опустеет ваш бокал, который был наполнен вами до начала прослушивания этой джазовой композиции. В душе таит последняя надежда, что момент предвкушения чего-то важного никогда не закончится, но падает занавес и вы вновь наедине с самим собой. Что остаётся, как включить это чудо на повтор вновь и вновь.”

Einsemd is the first single from Marína Ósk's second solo album, One Evening in July, to be released in August 2022 with Swedish Record Label TengTones. Music and lyrics were written by Marína Ósk.

Einsemd (transl. Loneliness) is a bluesy, walking ballad, where a lonesome trumpet has a dreamy conversation with a misty voice, while a crying guitar and a moody double bass try to make create a steady heartbeat.

The lyrics describe an evening when the storyteller is about to go to sleep but simply can't - because their better half is not there. They talk to the night, stare into the dark nothing and wonder when this loneliness will end. Even if you don't understand each word, the bluesy feeling might get you anyway!

The song is played by Icelandic jazz vocalist's quartet, "Marína Ósk Kvartett"; an Icelandic/Swedish drum-less jazz band. The band was put together by Marína Ósk herself with the intention of finding other musicians who happen to love the same kind of jazz she does; oldish swing jazz from the 50's. She found her musical soulmates in Icelandic guitar player Mikael Máni Ásmundsson and the Tengholm brothers from Sweden, trumpeter Erik and double bassist Johan.

The Tortoise The Hare and The Millionaire – At the Crossroads

“The variety of songs -the tortoise the hare and the millionaire - embodies the entire depth of their talent, since each composition is unique and fully reveals the Blues genre in which this composition is performed. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Разнообразие песен -The Tortoise The Hare and The Millionaire- воплощает всю глубину их таланта, так как каждая композиция уникальна и полностью раскрывает жанр Blues, в которой исполнена эта композиция.”

“People walking by all telling me they know why / Got me spinning around feeling like some other guy / I know which way to go at the crossroads”

“Who’s to say what’s right or wrong about the choices we make in life,” said The Tortoise The Hare and The Millionaire’s Matt Carr. “When we come to a crossroads, we choose the path that’s good for us and reflects who we are at that time. This song is about knowing we're making the right choices in the moment, and realizing we don’t have to agree with someone else’s path, because that’s what works for them.”

A sweeping roots rock number with blues inflections, “At The Crossroads” hails from The Tortoise The Hare and The Millionaire’s new album, Yard Sale (out 06/03).

“Yard Sale is an anthology of stories and sounds,” said Carr. “With inspirations as varied as the members who make up the band, blues, rock, and funk are all represented. Each song tells a story - even the instrumentals - of either something that’s happened in our lives or things that we feel are relevant to all. Yard Sale also pays homage to some of our favorite artists, with nods to the likes of Dicky Betts and the JBs among others.”

Whereas “At The Crossroads” works to make sense of a difficult world, Yard Sale also finds the band at peace on songs like opener, “I Know,” with Carr remarking:

“From the first time that it got through / I did what I could to stand next to you.”

“The seeds of ‘I Know’ were planted while I was playing the head riff across from my wife in the summer of 2020,” said Carr. “She looked up, bobbing her head, and said ‘I like that!’ This is a love song about the one who you would do anything for.”

Recorded and mixed by Dylan Ward at Fredericton’s Shiftwork Studio,Yard Sale was produced by friend and fellow Frederictonian Greg Webber (Kill Chicago).

“We were fortunate to have Greg on board to help bring these ideas to life and push us out of our comfort zone,” Carr said. “The resulting tracks are some of our favorites. It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining so turn up the tunes and get to a yard sale!”

Dave Hawley – Burrito (little donkey)

“How sometimes I want to leave the city and be in the vastness of endless prairies, whose fields are flooded with the rays of the sun. In your hands a favorite musical instrument, notes of Blues play in your soul, behind a small backpack, aluminum flask with cool water and the whole world at your feet. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как иногда хочется уехать из города и оказаться на просторах бесконечных прерии, чьи поля залиты лучами солнца. В ваших руках любимый музыкальный инструмент, в душе играют нотки Blues, за спиной небольшой рюкзак, алюминиевая фляга с прохладной водой и весь мир у ваших ног.”

"Burrito (little donkey)" is the second track from Dave Hawley's latest instrumental album entitled "Gift Horse" (released 5-7-22). This tune features harmonica, 3-string box guitar, slide guitar and washboard- perfect for Americana, roots & blues playlists. "Gift Horse", a guitar-centered album featuring ten tracks inspired by horses, releases on same day as the U.S. 2022 Kentucky Derby Horse Race. 'Little donkey' is the literal translation for Spanish word, 'burrito.'

Suzanne’s Band – Night Blues

“With influences from country, blues and pop this is a soundtrack for a get together night with your friends where the mission is: “get away and shake those night blues”. And indeed Suzanne does some serious groove shaking on this new drop. A musical encouragement to set aside your worries for a while and just let a bit loose.”

Uncle Nef – That Was That

“Classic rhythm and blues, with a warm atmosphere of cozy evenings, capable of please connoisseurs of high -quality, instrumental music. Velvet vocals as a way to plunge into the unique atmosphere of jazz music. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Классический ритм и блюз, с тёплой атмосферой уютных вечеров, способный порадовать ценителей качественной, инструментальной музыки. Бархатный вокал как способ погрузиться в уникальную атмосферу джаз музыки.”

Dasha Logan – Nice!

“The overall tone and atmosphere of this track is transmited without abrupt transitions and emotional gaps. Everything sounds smooth and very harmonious. In specific moments it becomes very innovative and memorable. Also the vocals can easily attract our attention.”

“Общий тон и атмосфера трека без резких переходов и эмоциональных ям, всё ровно и очень гармонично. Местами встречаются очень инновационные и запоминающиеся моменты. Вокал фокусирует на себе всё внимание на протяжение всего трека.”

Suzanne’s Band Interview on Nagamag


Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Suzanne's Band:
Country, Blues, Pop

Few words about your musical background and career?

Suzanne's Band:
Suzanne has always been involved in music in some way, shape or form such as choirs, ensembles and solo singing performances. In 2016, upon the urging of a friend, she started playing guitar and it opened the door to songwriting and public performances in a band setting. In 2017, she was moved to start her own music business Suzanne's Band with the focus of writing, producing and performing songs having a vintage sound along with heartfelt understandable lyrics; something sadly lacking in today's music environment. Listeners both young and old have been drawn in to the messages and the positive vibes. In just a few short years, she has grown an impressive fan base, a thriving You Tube channel, produced two Christmas singles, an EP, two albums and been nominated into the Grammy (Recording Academy) organization which is no small feat these days. She uses one band for recording and another band for public performances. She enjoys playing classic rock, pop and country along with her originals in her home state of Texas in the United States.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Suzanne's Band:
I remember as a toddler how much I loved to play records and sing along. Being a dancer too, my body loves to move with music.
When I retired, I wanted to do something every day that I wouldn't ever get tired of. Music was the one thing I knew was in my soul
and that I needed to bring out into the community.

Do you do anything musically outside of your business?

Suzanne's Band:
Yes, I'm involved in two different groups. I play guitar or piano every Sunday with my church band. Every Monday, I'm part of an over 50 in age and also number of people that go out to all the assisted living and over 50 in age communities in our area and perform a one hour variety music show. This brings music to those who never get to go out and hear their favorite songs any more. These folks don't have radios any more or other electronics to hear music familiar to them.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Suzanne's Band:
Styx "Don't Let It End"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Suzanne's Band:
Brandi Carlisle "The Joke"

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