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Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Nautilus (Spotify)

“Regardless your mood, there's always some suitable music outhere to offer the best gift for your ears. This time we have found "Christoph Sebastian Pabst" and his track "Nautilus"; a special diamond of soothing Downtempo soundscapes. Full of peace and harmony. A short trip to the heavens.”

Nautilus is a beautiful spherical chillout track with felt piano, guitar and unconventional beat.

Charas Lounge – Portoverde (Spotify)

“Let yourself forget about the worries of the past days and plunge into the world of Chill Out music together with Charas Lounge. Everything that was has passed. Only the warmth of our bodies remains.”

“Позволь себе забыть о заботах прожитых дней и окунуться в мир музыки Chill Out вместе с Charas Lounge. Всё, что было, прошло. Осталось лишь тепло наших тел.”

Artist shared few words with us about this song:

"Portoverde" is a real place in Italy (near to Rimini), where i lived for over 10 years of my life. As an Lounge Music Producer this place on the beach was always my greatest inspiration. I shot also the picture of the cover. I composed and played all instruments on the song, it contains no samples. It´s a deeply sincere track expressing my love to that place and the people. Thanks for listening !

Arkanna Interview on Nagamag

Chill Out


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

At the moment, I would say electronica, trip-hop, downtempo, chill, sometimes with world elements.

Few words about your musical background and career?

I grew up in a musical family. With musicians on both my parents sides. I was brought up listening to Rock n Roll, Motown, Soul and everything in between. The UK charts were always on in my house growing up, hearing bands of the 80's like Bronski Beat, The Human League and The Cure. Also often, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and my Mums favourite, Rod Stewart.
When I was a teenager, I loved Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Doors, Nirvanna and lots of dance music like Beats international, The Source, Technotronic and 808 State.

I first picked up the guitar at age twenty one. At the time I started going clubbing and loved progressive house back then and all the chillout stuff around at that time. Before this I was more into drawing and painting as my creative outlet. A number of years later I started writing my own songs and played a few acoustic gigs. I was listening to bands like Morcheeba, Beth Orton, Faithless, Massive Attack,Lamb, Portishead, The Chemical Brothers, The Future Sound Of London, Bjork, PJ Harvey and Leftfield.

Soon I met my partner, who was an MC in a Drum n Bass band at the time, and as a DJ he introduced me to a lot of breakbeat, Techno, Hip Hop and DnB. He introduced me to my first production software and I was hooked.

I started to teach myself production developing my acoustic tracks into a more electronic sound. I put a few of my first productions online. In 2009 I was offered work with London based techno/breaks producers, Elite Force and Meat Katie, recording vocals for 'Fire's Still Burnin' on their Dustbowl EP, released on U&A Recordings.

While still working on my own productions, I was also writing and recording music as part of a collective called Timeshade. This brought about a release in 2010 in which my vocals featured on Bambook's track 'off the system' feat Arkanna, the vocals taken from one of the Timeshade songs.

Later, I collaborated with producers from Nomad Records based in Italy, on a three track EP. It was never officially finished due to some problems within the label at the time. You can listen to 'Love is Timeless', on soundcloud, which is one of the tracks from that EP.

Finally by 2017 I felt happy enough with my own music production to begin independently releasing my music, the first of which was 'All This Time'.

My latest release 'Wonder Cloud' has been supported on BBC music Introducing in Scotland and recently remixed by the very talented Side Liner.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

I have always loved music as far back as I can remeber. I was always singing when I was a child. I was given my first keyboard when I was 10 and remember writing lyrics to the songs I made up on it. The Casio SA-1, I thought it was so cool lol. I actually found one a few years ago in a charity shop. I had to buy it haha.
Music for me is about my connection to the unknown mystery, the all or whatever you want to call it or see it as. It is my healer, my passion and a tool for self- reflection and discovery.

What are your plans for the near future?

I am currently finishing my EP and plan to develope and release a lot of the music I have written over the past few years, as well as all my current material. I'm also collaborating on a track for another artists forthcoming album, more details on that in the very near future.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Ane Brun "All My Tears"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Massive Attack "Teardrop"

Discover & Listen to Arkanna

Arkanna on Spotify

Arkanna's Signature Track

Arkanna on Social Media


ultmt. x Devon Rea x imagiro – Here Now (Spotify)

“Will not lie to you. We quickly picked this for blogging because of is tickling sound design and atmosphere. Was a very easy decision between the dozen of new music we receive. ultmt. x Devon Rea x imagiro with -Here Now, the 2nd track from the album -Letters- of ultmt. x Devon Rea is a beautiful laid back lofi chill that invites you easy to listen on repeat, without feeling the tik-tok of time passing. ”

An overall feel good track that really makes you connect with the natural world

Kick Bong Interview on Nagamag

Chill Out

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Kick Bong:
It's not easy, if we stay within the codes of electronic music, I would say electronica, chillout, down tempo but also electro and techno sometimes or house and even pop, I have a lot of influences! I listened to a lot of funk, acid jazz, new wave, punk, rock.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Kick Bong:
In 1985 I met friends with whom we started a band and at 20 we signed an album at Barclay it was crazy! afterwards I played with a lot of groups on drums and percussion in different styles, recordings and concerts.
Well much later at the end of the 90s I discovered electronic music and I had another revelation so I started to buy equipment and at the beginning of 2000 I created Kick Bong it will be 20 years in 2021. I also have another Triptone project which is more pop, trip hop, electro with a lot of vocal features.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Kick Bong:
my dad listened to a lot of music and he introduced me to a lot of different artists and styles, so I started buying records very young when my mom was willing to give me some money, I started with 45rpm and albums later.
every time I listened to music I felt like I was on stage and like that every night I listened loudly and mimed the guitarist, the drummer etc ...
When I was 12, I started playing drums, it's an instrument that I already liked, I can't really explain why even though I loved playing the air guitar; )

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Kick Bong:
The Cure "A strange day"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Kick Bong:
Trentemoller "Moan"

Discover & Listen to Kick Bong

Kick Bong on Spotify

Kick Bong's Signature Track

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Jaap Mol – Drifting (Spotify)

“Lightly touching the unknown, fingers glide over the piano keys. Felt mild anxiety mixed with curiosity. Angelic voices come in time, soothing the soul disturbing. And you step on the water surface and begin to drift. Drifting is a Mesmerizing new single by Jaap Mol under Woody Forest Records.”

“Слегка притрагиваясь к неизвестному, пальцы скользят по клавишам пианино. Чувствуется легкая тревога вперемешку с любопытством. И ангельские голоса приходят вовремя, успокаивая тревожную душу. И вы ложитесь на водную гладь и начинаете дрейфовать.”

Autumn just entered here in Amsterdam. We have to stay inside. It's raining. The streets are wet and empty. Here's a track to curl up on the couch and drift away into an endless and peaceful state of mind.

Lazy Vibes – Nightfall (Spotify)

“- Nightfall- the right moment to walk around and explore our favorites spots with our pet friend together, release out all stress, reset for the next day. This is what Lazy Vibes offer us here with his lush lofi, chill hop vibes. Listen and Relax!”

A calm relaxing chill track that builds up with acoustic guitar background and piano playing a simple relaxing melody. The ambience is that of nightfall.

Lazy Vibes provides original Lo-Fi Chill Hop music inspired by nature and anime soundtrack. The music is perfect for relaxing and studying. The band began releasing singles on Spotify in 2020. Singles from the Album "Retro Nostalgia" were released in June 2020. For more info

Rosehip – Roses (Spotify)

“Roses for everything, Roses fix your mood. Roses are red and full of funkiness. Roseship knows that in first hand and through its sensual guitar performance and lush grooves, provide us a beautiful chill atmosphere.”

Roses is a classic Chill-hop track with catchy riffs and an infectious groove. Take a journey into sunshine, blossoms and summer love with the sound of sweet guitars, chill beats and a funky af bassline...

Sunflower dew drops dripping off woodland dreams like baubles, caressed by summer, punctuated by dandelion puffballs. Wrens capsize magenta petalled rose buds into the wild meadowy chasm of ivy kingdoms - 'Nectar' by Kali Derra (featured on artwork)

Pushing Chillhop into new soundscapes, Rosehip embodies chill beats, deep basslines and vibrant synths.

Featured on playlists such as 'Lo-Fi Beats' by Spotify, Rosehip takes inspiration from the laidback grooves of Pandrezz and Glimlip, whilst aspiring to the electronic sound design of quickly, quickly and Flume. His music continuously grows into it's meditative and psychedelic sound.

A bass player from London with a background in classical and jazz, he can often be found composing, arranging and bringing together musical ideas and people. He has really found his groove in front of a laptop producing electronic music.

With an Autumn of releases ahead, it's never been a better time to sit back, relax and zone out to Rosehip’s chilled wavy sounds.

Matan Arkin – Violet Hour (Spotify)

“Matan Arkin offers us an hour to visit the purple (Violet Hour), released on OIOI Recordings, an hour which so far was a mystery, an enigma. With his soft beats and vocals we step into unknown territories. Where we are now? Listen and find the answer.”

“Matan Arkin предлагает нам посетить фиолетовый час, в котором есть таинственность и загадка. Мы шагаем в такт его голоса по неизвестным ранее местам. Куда мы придем? Послушайте и найдите ответ.”

Matan Arkin is a producer that creates magical music that not just moves bones and feet but also touches heart and soul.

Mystical sound landscapes merging with earthy beats from all over the world, of all kinds and genres.

There are no boundaries in his music which makes the listener be deeply touched and go on a mediate journey.

LOUNGETUNES – Downtown (Spotify)

“-Downtown from -LOUNGETUNES- is beautiful music that invites you to go to your bed early to enjoy the first snow of autumn fall. A crystal production, music for everyone, music for relaxation.”

“Прекрасная музыка ложиться как первый снег на сырую осеннюю листву. Она чиста и понятна. Музыка для каждого, музыка для отдыха. ”

Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90's following his passion for music.

Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry working a few years for labels like Warner Music Germany.

Over the years he has been writing music for several projects signing a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Germany in 2001.

LOUNGETUNES is his brandnew project after his 2017 debut as a solo-artist with the launch of his KLANGPLANET project.

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