Charas Lounge – Portoverde (Spotify)

“Let yourself forget about the worries of the past days and plunge into the world of Chill Out music together with Charas Lounge. Everything that was has passed. Only the warmth of our bodies remains.”

“Позволь себе забыть о заботах прожитых дней и окунуться в мир музыки Chill Out вместе с Charas Lounge. Всё, что было, прошло. Осталось лишь тепло наших тел.”

Artist shared few words with us about this song:

"Portoverde" is a real place in Italy (near to Rimini), where i lived for over 10 years of my life. As an Lounge Music Producer this place on the beach was always my greatest inspiration. I shot also the picture of the cover. I composed and played all instruments on the song, it contains no samples. It´s a deeply sincere track expressing my love to that place and the people. Thanks for listening !

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 4, 2021