M.E. Netzke – Fully Tickled Pink (Spotify)

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“-M.e. Netzke- worked hard and managed to make a real masterpiece. Its Folk melody is pouring from the speakers like river and the voice affects all the strings of your soul. Feel the bliss in every second!”

“-M.E. Netzke- проделал огромную работу над звуковым полотном и постарался сделать из своей песни настоящий хит. И, знаете ли, у него это прекрасно получилось! Мелодия фолк-музыки льётся из динамиков рекой, а голос затрагивает все струны души. Блаженство в каждой секунде!”


This song has to do with being unsettled. It's about knowing wherever a person goes, they're thinking of someplace farther along. It's also about living with another who knows this and wants the feeling to cease. It touches on the conflict that situation creates when one party hopes toward the impossible cause of changing someone other than themselves.




E.G. Phillips – This Infertile Valley (Spotify)

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“Pleasant track with velvet vocals from -E.G. Phillips-, leisurely jazz melody and fancy, but warm atmosphere. It can simply make you feel comfort like being with favourite friends. Music that cannot be easily found.”

“Приятный, бархатный вокал -E.G. Phillips-, неторопливая мелодия джаза и причудливая, но очень тёплая атмосфера трека. Ощущается уют и комфорт домашней обстановки в компании с любимыми друзьями. Музыка, которой очень сильно не хватает всем нам.”


Artist said about this song:

"This is song about a place you can get stuck and know you need to leave. This song about a place called Depression.

The 3rd single from my forthcoming album “Alien from an Alternate Earth,” this recording features the incredible Renee Padgett on backing vocals. You can hear her amazing versatility just in the span of this one track. What starts out in the 2nd verse as a simple, subtle backing harmony reminiscent of something out of the 50s transforms into gorgeous gospel-like cadences for the following chorus, lifts us into the heavens for the bridge, and then easily slips into a Bossa Nova vocalese for the final verse as the rhythm switches up.

The rest of the backing band is nothing to sneeze at either, providing rich textures for lyrics filled with detailed imagery and a distinctive harmonic backdrop."




Gurfi, MeshMoney, Elevata . E, L.G.T.J – Meant to Be (Spotify)

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“The surprising work of Gurfi is here to shake your body. Addictive R&B style in a mix with Pop and acoustic sounds. Your playlist new hot stuff, which is going to stay in a high position for a long time.”


Or Gurfinkel is a Musician (Producer, Guitar play and DJ) based in Tel Aviv Israel


Gurfi played and produced the biggest names in Israel and performed all over the world


S. E. Webster – Introduction (Lull) (Spotify)

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“-Introduction track (Lull) - from the new album -You & I Would Die- rise like a huge, invisible magnet that draws in networks, where the voltage increases with each passing second. Do you feel it? Unimaginable feeling.”

“Трек -Introduction (Lull)- с нового альбома -You & I Would Die- словно огромный, невидимый магнит затягивает в свои сети, в которых с каждой секундой растёт напряжение. Чувствуете его? Невообразимое ощущение.”


S. E. Webster is a folk-rock artist born and raised in the deserts of Southern California. S.E.’s music evokes sunsets, sepia tones, and long drives on dusty, far-off roads. With intimate vocals and lush instrumentation, S. E. has cultivated a modern but timeless sound. His music gives voice to feelings of longing and nostalgia for what could have been.

“You & I Would Die” is a 4 song debut EP set for release on February 26th, 2021. The songs trace the arc of a romance destined to end too soon, the victim of circumstance and cross-country moves. As the first chapter of a trilogy, this EP sets the scene and brings the listener along for the ride. The follow-up EP is set to be released in Summer 2021.

S. E. collaborated with producer/composer Erik Groysman (Karmina, Cape Weather, Drunk History) to create a visceral, visually-stimulating experience with the help of mixer Steve Bone (Cape Weather, Mario Jose, Hannah Sumner).


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