Dorzi, Luke Hepworth – Private Dancer (Spotify)

“Extra energetic tune by a master in UK Garage. This track is packed with catchy loops and rich variety of lyrics, which result in unpredictable progression shifts. Your private gem for your private music collection by "Dorzi".”

New UK Garage/Bassline track from Dorzi. Really smashing club tune about having someone you love that's also sexy and performs for you in private.

Broughton – Life Lavish (Spotify)

“Super Rap single with nice rhymes and mind blowing kick. "Broughton" has given his best to leave us breathless and it seems it's working from the first seconds. Are you tired about listening typical sounds? Prepare for a big change with "Life Lavish".”

Aiko Tomi – Can’t Touch Me (Spotify)

“It's true that very few songs move far from the typical production way. Discover the personal talent of Aiko Tomi and her recent work "Can't Touch Me". Out of the rules Grime-like sound. Unpredictable, indescribable and stunning!”

This song is sassy, eccentric and pretty tongue-in-cheek – the beat slaps away any judgement. It's OK to feel yourself!

Dizzytronic, Conscious Entity Sound – Change Up the Loop (Spotify)

“Supersonic track that hits you like a bullet and shakes your brain. Groovy and wicked loops binded together with absolutely smooth transitions. All along with selectively written lyrics raise the artistic level at the top. If you're into Hip Hop, this is a must!”

The tronik way for a dizzying trip

Produced by Dizzytronic
Vocals by Conscious Entity Sound​

Boss Bouncy – Ugly (Spotify)

“Well, that's a presentation of a stimulating, "bouncy" production. Carefully mixed sound FX, together with a very special bass, can make you feel the sounds in your brain!”

Ugly (My Baby) is a positive song appreciating a woman of his dreams. The song is done with an African touch of Drill music. Makes it sound unique and outstanding. It's off an EP titled "The Ghana Drill" and available in all streaming platforms.

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