Gurfi, MeshMoney, Elevata . E, L.G.T.J – Meant to Be (Spotify)

“The surprising work of Gurfi is here to shake your body. Addictive R&B style in a mix with Pop and acoustic sounds. Your playlist new hot stuff, which is going to stay in a high position for a long time.”

Or Gurfinkel is a Musician (Producer, Guitar play and DJ) based in Tel Aviv Israel

Gurfi played and produced the biggest names in Israel and performed all over the world

Matthew Cuban, Finnie Stax, J. Jones – Art of War (Spotify)

“It is said that the song's title reflects its essence. With -Art of War- things are different. The output we get is an excellent opportunity to raise your mood and shake your body due to the poet and orator -Matthew Cuban-.”

“Говорят, что название песни отражает её сущность. С -Art of War- это не работает и на выходе мы получаем отличную возможность поднять своё настроение и раскачать свои динамики благодаря поэту и оратору -Matthew Cuban-.”

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