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Left on Tenth – Calor

“When compositions fall into your field of vision, which combines such magnificent genres as Latin Pop and Nu Jazz – urgently add them to your collection! Music, which is able to turn your head with a variety of living instruments and lovely, alluring vocals!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Когда в поле вашего зрения попадают композиции, в которых сочетаются такие великолепные жанры, как Latin Pop и Nu Jazz – срочно добавляйте их в свою коллекцию! Музыка, которая способна вскружить вашу голову разнообразием живых инструментов и прелестным, манящим вокалом!”

Calor is a horn-driven latin-inspired tune with a samba beat and a mix of english and spanish lyrics to make a fun danceable jazzy vibe.


“This one goes deep on the bass line, sub will move even if you don;t want to. Love the cross between the music, that sound deep a dark, melancholic and positive vocals on top of it, it is mixed great together. Love the organ parts, nice detail that sets the mood of the song, along with everything else. ”

Rapid-rising American-Trinidadian musician LATENIGHTJIGGY ends his trilogy and begins his ascent to global music notoriety, with the release of his highly anticipated EP, Flavors 3. In the works for over a year and produced by frequent collaborators Kontraks and Chooky, Flavors 3 is already receiving high praises from editors and supporters across all platforms.

Delicately fusing a range of genres including Latin, Afrobeat, R&B and Pop, LATENIGHTJIGGY continues his good form, serving up one of the most exciting projects of the year, so far. Laced with soft acoustic riffs, effective percussive elements, and a slew of magical melodic instrumentals, LATENIGHTJIGGY kicks the project off with the instantly infectious Afrobeat/Reggaeton blended opener and focus track “What More?” and the romantic and dreamy follow up “Circles”, before heading straight into smash hits “Úsame” and “Nela”, the latter earned Jiggy nearly 30k tiktok followers in less than 48 hours.

Although the end to the brand that put Jiggy on the radar of artists and producers like J Balvin and Rvssian, Flavors was just the seed planted for what is about to blossom into one of the most dynamic artists of this generation. Look out for his debut album set to release mid 2023.


Trinidadian-American artist, songwriter and producer, Robert Goodwin p.k.a. LATENIGHTJIGGY hails from a community in Gaithersburg, MD where he learned to speak spanish and fused it effortlessly into his own style of genre-bending pop music. At the age of 8, he started singing and playing clarinet and saxophone. By his teenage years, he had taught himself to play piano and began writing and producing music. Frustrated with looking for artists to record on his tracks, he began writing and recording himself, crafting the sound we hear today.

Since emerging on the scene in 2019 with his first official release, Flavors, he has gained millions of streams across the platforms and has featured on records with some of the most sought after artist like Eladio Carrion and Mora and has teamed up with platinum producers DVLP & Capi, The Rudeboyz, Symone Dice, and Dimelo Flo. His 2020 follow up, Flavors 2, debuted on the Latin Apple Music charts. This year, he was named Tiktok’s June Artist to Watch and the face of Spotify’s Mixto Campaign.

Greek Brothers – Sotomayor feat. Dánico

“In each track -greek Brothers is the maximum amount of heat and symbolism, but in this new single in the Latin Pop genre there is so much special and exceptional wyb that you want to quit all your affairs and start dancing and singing! Are you ready to move? Then go ahead!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В каждом треке -Greek Brothers- максимальное количество тепла и символичности, но в этом новом сингле в жанре Latin Pop так много особенного и исключительного вайба, что хочется бросить все свои дела и начать танцевать и петь! Вы готовы к движению? Тогда вперёд!”

Kelly Vargas – Sympathize

“Not everyone listens to music for the sake of the text or the meaning invested in it, but -Kelly Vargas - made a special emphasis on this. People who love Electro Pop carefully listen and slowly wander in the endless spaces of sound fields will appreciate this track.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Не каждый слушает музыку ради текста или вложенного в него смысла, но -Kelly Vargas- сделала на этом особенный акцент. Люди, которые любят Electro Pop, внимательно слушать и медленно блуждать в бесконечных просторах звуковых полей оценят этот трек по достоинству.”

Frankie Simone – sal y pimienta

“A perky, clockwork track in the Latin Pop genre, which, like the bright lights of the fireworks, illuminates your mood with multi -colored flashes. A very original manner of performance and a rhythmic melody make you get up and start dancing!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Задорный, заводной трек в жанре Latin Pop, который словно яркие огни фейерверка освещает ваше настроение разноцветными вспышками. Очень оригинальная манера исполнения и ритмичная мелодия заставляют вас встать с места и начать танцевать!”

Fresh off of being the featured musical performer on RevryTV’s House of Pride this June, Frankie Simone's new single "sal y pimienta" is the embodiment of joy. Representing play and personal freedom, “sal y pimienta” is the perfect summer bop. Combining lyrics in both Spanish and English, Frankie explores their Puerto Rican heritage and upbringing, remembering the incredible food they grew up with along with the ever present salsa dancing and Caribbean sounds of their childhood. This song is for busting out in the kitchen while cooking, for turning up in the car with the windows down and wind in your hair, and for those hot summer nights at the beach with all of your friends.

K Harrison – Love Me Leave Me

“Easy, romantic melancholy in vocals, the heady rhythm of Latin Pop and a soft melody. -K Harrison- to compose good, memorable tracks and his new work of this vivid confirmation!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лёгкая, романтическая меланхолии в вокале, пьянящий ритм Latin Pop и мягкая мелодия. -K Harrison- под силу сочинять хорошие, запоминающиеся треки и его новая работа тому яркое подтверждение!”

We all know the UK rap scene is very London-centric. Even with reams of talent, it can be difficult for an artist to crack the mainstream from less central locales. So, when an MC on the scene isn’t from Manchester, London or Birmingham: they’re fighting two battles.

Hailing from Derby, East Midlands, rising wordsmith K Harrison is next up to bat in the UK rap arena. Despite only having a couple of tracks under his belt — he’s already been co-signed by Compton rap titan The Game and worked side-by-side with the nation’s favourite redhead Ed Sheeran.


With superstars in his corner and two summer anthems in the air — ‘Fire Fire’ and his seismic debut ‘Boss (Call Away)’ — K Harrison is back with a fresh hit in the making titled ‘Love Me Leave Me’.

Selecting a sultry sound pool once again, K Harrison deploys his nocturnal, pop-friendly delivery across a bulk of the runtime, before changing gears to his rapid-fire flow.

Bringing the summer heat to the Derby streets, ‘Love Me Leave Me’ is the perfect conclusion to K Harrison’s party-starting trilogy. The Magic Hour-produced beat is home to soft, melodic guitar licks, layered vocal riffs and Latin and trap-adjacent kicks. Smooth.


‘Love Me Leave Me’ follows the aforementioned singles ‘Fire Fire’ and ‘Boss (Call Away)’ which dropped earlier this year. Currently, both tracks have amassed over 220,000 streams in totality on Spotify alone.

Outside the studio, K Harrison is anchored by his deep-rooted love for performing — rocking international stages in Europe and Asia. The spitter also fronted the stage at BST Hyde Park festival in front of 70,000 people, performing a full set on the Barclaycard Stage to roaring crowd applause!

Often nicknamed “The Fresh Prince of Derby”, K Harrison has developed somewhat of a cult audience over the years. With over 20k followers on Instagram, the rapper-turned-vocalist regularly engages with audience, sharing previews of new music, gigs and slice of life content to flesh out his music journey so far.

Currently, K Harrison is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut LP. With a high benchmark set by tracks like ‘Love Me Leave Me’, fans eagerly anticipate his next move!

Stay up to date with K HARRISON by following his socials for news about upcoming releases & more:

Eddie the Kidd x Bentley Robles – Body Language

“Extraordinary and originality are the most suitable epithets to correctly characterize this track. The plexus of the genres of Reggaeton and Latin Pop help to tune in to the desired wave. The melody leads very easily and naturally!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Неординарность и оригинальность — это самые подходящие эпитеты, чтобы правильно охарактеризовать этот трек. Сплетение жанров Reggaeton и Latin Pop помогают настроиться на нужную волну. Мелодия ведёт за собой очень легко и непринуждённо!”

Body Language is the intersection where being Queer and Latino is celebrated. It is heavily inspired by Latin artists like Bad Bunny and Lola Indigo. The song itself features both English and Spanish lyrics.

Bigmanndrill – Uy

“The magnificent combination of Reggaeton and Latin Pop, with a very positive web, which is instantly captured in the sound vibrations of the new single -bigmanndrill-. The vocals have become a real decoration, so many charisma, uniqueness and energy in it!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Великолепное сочетание Reggaeton и Latin Pop, с очень позитивным вайбом, который мгновенно улавливается в звуковых вибрациях нового сингла -Bigmanndrill-. Вокал стал настоящим украшением, столько в нём харизмы, уникальности и энергии!”


UY is a song with Afro dancehall roots from Jamaica adapted to Afro-Latin, it has sensations of American pop but without losing the Caribbean style, UY is the perfect piece to dance, listen to and enjoy, in the country you are in or the language you speak


UY es un tema con raices de afro dancehall proveniente de Jamaica adaptado al Afro latino, posee sensaciones de pop americano pero sin perder el estilo del caribe, UY es la pieza perfecta para bailar, escuchar y disfrutar, en el país que te encuentres o el idioma que hables.

Gian Carlini – Don’t Wanna

“Very sincere and honest work, it immediately feels that they approached with the whole soul to create this track. Decent work in the Latin Pop genre, such creativity can and should be discovered for yourself constantly and listen to at any time of the day and night! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень искренняя и честная работа, сразу ощущается, что к созданию этого трека подошли со всей душой. Достойная работа в жанре Latin Pop, подобное творчество можно и нужно открывать для себя постоянно и слушать в любое время дня и ночи!”

Valentina Blú – VIBE

“Each person lives on his own island, separate from the whole world and constantly in search of one single goal - to find music that could satisfy all their needs. If you still have not met the same hit in your life, then this track will be a real discovery for you! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Каждый человек живет на своём отдельном от всего мира острове и постоянно в поисках одной единственной цели — найти музыку, которая смогла бы удовлетворить все их потребности. Если вы до сих пор так и не повстречали тот самый хит в вашей жизни, то этот трек станет для вас настоящим открытием! ”

A smooth track with afrobeat and r&b influences, “VIBE” talks about distancing yourself from a toxic relationship. While switching seamlessly between English and Spanish, Valentina Blú's vocals carry the song's message with confidence, sensuality, and attitude. Written by Valentina Blú and Dominican musician Fernando Faneyte, VIBE was produced by Valentina Blú and PIEK, an acclaimed Spanish DJ and producer.

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