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Karve – I Am with You

“It’s good when there are people nearby who are always with you. To prevent it from happening. It is good when music is able to convey these sensations with the help of a sound language and spread them around the world to everyone. The most tender composition from -karve- in the melodic tones Indie Folk.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Хорошо, когда есть рядом люди, которые всегда с тобой. Чтобы не произошло. Хорошо, когда музыка способна с помощью языка звука передавать эти ощущения и распространять их по миру всем желающим. Нежнейшая композиция от -Karve- в мелодичных тонах indie folk.”

Karve is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter from Southern Illinois. He wrote, performed and recorded everything heard here. This song was written for a dear friend who was traveling to attend the funeral of a loved one.

johnny simon – blonde japanese

“When you finally lost touch with the world and was left alone with you, this music will help to find a way out of this situation. She seems to speak with you – relax, throw out all the garbage from the house, renew the wardrobe and just go out into the street to breathe fresh air. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Когда ты окончательно потерял связь с миром и остался один на один с собой, то эта музыка поможет найти выход из сложившейся ситуации. Она словно говорит с тобой — расслабься, выкинь весь мусор из дома, обнови гардероб и просто выйди на улицу подышать свежим воздухом.”

Johnny Simon not only composed and produced everything himself, but also played all the instruments – from electric bass and guitar to piano, blues harp and trumpet. Having toured half the world as a sideman, JS’s desire for something of his own has grown steadily. The result is available now and he speaks his very own musical language.

Quiet Arrows – Love Your Ghost

“A wonderfully deep hitting contemplative piece of contemporary poetic minimalism. Stripped to the essentials, the arrangement blends the hushing, languorous voice of Samuel Robertson (backed superbly by female vocals) with intimate string counterparts for a musical experience meant to be savoured obsessively.”

Quiet Arrows is the project of Samuel Robertson, a wordsmith who sings with a hushed voice on the softly undulating fingerpicking of an acoustic guitar. Teaching himself guitar for the first time at the age of 25, Samuel first began writing songs with his wife Hannah in the singer-songwriter duo The Woodlands, and Quiet Arrows evolved simultaneously. He introduced the project with Continents Were Made to Sink in 2012. Three years later, Year of The Cartographer yielded the fan favorite “Find A Way.” It amassed north of 28.1 million Spotify streams as he moved up popular playlists such as Your Favorite Coffeehouse, Dinner Music, Evening Acoustic, Folk Feast, and more. He maintained this momentum with Deconstructionism Parts 1 & 2, which presented acoustic and alternate takes of tunes throughout the Quiet Arrows catalog. In between working on music for the Woodlands and relocating to McCall, ID, he carefully crafted new Quiet Arrows music. The songs have a signature emotive quality – poetic lyrics, introspective pondering, lush harmonies, interesting arrangements.

JJ Slater – Till the Sun Goes Down

“An aerial extravaganza from the mesmerizing Indie Folk, in which soft rhythms are like trees swaying in the winds. An ecstatic moment for your soul, as if you were united with mother nature herself.”

“Воздушная феерия из гипнотизирующего Indie Folk, в которой мягкие ритмы словно покачивающиеся на ветру деревья подгоняемые прохладными осенними ветрами. Прекрасное упоение для души, словно ты объединился с самой матерью-природой.”

Artist said about this song:

"I wrote this song a couple of summers ago, and it’s really about trying to assert yourself, to yourself- and to shed burdening other people. There will always be self-doubt when starting this journey, which is peppered throughout the song. I produced it to sound like some long-lost nugget, ending with a ramshackle, campfire-like jam."

johnny simon – Sculptures

“An Experimental work that concentrates all your attention and holds you listening until the very end. The beautiful chord progression, of Johnny Simon gave life in his vocals and every single instrument, adding warmth to the sound.”

“Весьма экспериментальная работа, которая концентрирует на себе всё ваше внимание и держит в фокусе до самого конца. Очень красивая последовательность аккордов, -Johnny Simon- вдохнул жизнь в свой вокал и в каждый инструмент, тем самым придав звучанию теплоты.”

Artist said about this song:

“The song “Sculptures” is a walk through the eternal city. The impressions flow through me like scraps of words. Golden light, piles of stones, sculptures, misery and beauty leave behind ambivalent feelings.”

Forest Ray – Close Your Eyes

“There is always a balance in sound as well as in nature. At some point, we have to sink into an incredibly compact musical tornado of emotions. Music like "Close Your Eyes" should become part of the collection of each music lover.”

“Баланс в музыке, как и в природе, всегда имеет место быть. В определённые моменты мы должны погрузиться в невероятно тягучий музыкальный вихрь чувств и эмоций. Такая музыка, как эта композияи, должна стать частью коллекции любого уважающего себя меломана.”

Close Your Eyes is the second single off of Forest Ray's 2022 album, "Always" it's a song about consistency and perseverance and is an ode to the late night dwellers. Never wanting to close your eyes or wanting things to end. We are touring this release to SXSW in Austin and around the Dallas-Forth Worth then up to Spokane and Seattle. Playing the release show tonight in downtown Seattle!

Cégiu – Glowing Goodbye (Video)

“”Cégiu” has managed to capture a spiritual power in this Folk production. Psychedelic soundscapes are combined with influensive lyrics. The overall progression is slow and a kind of mystic atmosphere is strongly presented. Don’t miss this experience.”

The hauntingly beautiful piece “Glowing Goodbyes” is about letting go and is also the title track of Cégiu’s freshly released selfproduced album sonically created by electronic beats, cello and insect sounds.

Cégiu seeks the limit of pain. The musician/composer/producer is fascinated and inspired by the spectrum of moving forward, saying farewell to certain things and letting go. This concept is communicated with unique musicality and style in her songs. She produces her own beats from insect sounds and cello and is a self-made producer who intersects classical and electronic elements with experimental flair. The versatility of the layers of the music create an atmosphere of meditativeness and entrance listeners, sending them deeper into their psyche as each song progresses. It is difficult to put Cégiu’s music into a box – some have referred to it as ‘art pop,’ ‘chamber pop,’ or ‘freak folk,’ however, it’s more multifaceted than just one or two genres.

Inspired by topics of dementia, breaking down stereotypes, natural disasters and the menstrual cycle; her music expresses the mind of a restless artist in an emotional world. It’s no coincidence that many people are brought to tears when Cégiu performs live, as the artist’s natural ability to take listeners into themselves conveys empathy, vulnerability and understanding. Cégiu invites listeners to search for their own limits of pain and to release themselves into the soul of the music and let go.

Eyal Zusman, Amir Lev – הרוח כבר שטה (The wind has already blown) (Spotify)

“As we, the audience, are living into a situation, -Eyal Zusman- is able to analyze it, to creatively interpret and convey to us in the form of the stunning creations, like here in song -The wind has already blown-. Indescribable beauty in the wrapper of experimental folk and expressive vocals.”

“Пока мы, слушатели, просто проживаем ситуацию, -Eyal Zusman- сумел её проанализировать, творчески осмыслить и передать нам в виде такого потрясающего творения, как -The wind has already blown-. Неописуемая красота в обёртке из экспериментального фолка и выразительного вокала.”

When the river of life dries up and you try to figure out what is left of this short existence, you crave to keep believing in something, insisting on faith in God, at the end you might replace the body with a new shape, in hope to meet again in another dimension.

We are proud to present the second song from the new album by Eyal Zusman and Amir Lev - The Journey to the warmer lands. This is a collaboration between two Israeli artists, who created an album with live warm sounds, an oriental Galilee touch and Mediterranean rhythms.

Amir Lev has been creating music for over 30 years, releasing extraordinary solo albums and canonic songs, which he performs in unforgettable performances. Lev is a music producer, an excellent guitarist, and an exciting songwriter.

Eyal Zusman is an actor, director, and screenwriter. He has won several awards in the arts and culture sphere and this is his first music album.

All the songs in the album 'The Journey to the warmer lands’ were composed jointly by Lev and Zusman, inspired by the tracks of the French musician DJ WORAKLS.

The album was recorded live with acoustic instruments and live vocals.

Avion Blackstone – Archangel (Spotify)

“A celestial song with plenty of different elements tied together in a very talented way. Avion Blackstone brand new arrival, which you shouldn't miss. Remarkable sound transitions accompanied by an expressive voice too.”

Gooey, vibey, dark music with sad, ethereal vocals. Sour cherries in dark chocolate. Dedicated to survivors of addiction.

Cosmyte Interview on Nagamag


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Always Galactic, either Ambiant/Chillout and/or Electronica/Techno/Psychedelic

Few words about your musical background and career?

Since 2014 Profesor Galacticus and Captain Frictus are colaborating as a galactic team in other project, Neenboo, a 7 musicians world music project.
In 2017, they decided to create Cosmyte.

This atypical crew is constantly evolving by creating its own galaxy, led by Pr. Galacticus (machines) and Captn Frictus (handpan), it includes talented companions met during music tours around Europe, Russia, India, China and Latin America, bringing a unique experience to each appearance. A journey between organic human vibrations, cosmic instruments and mechanical machines oscillations, Cosmyte is a real musical android.

In 2019 the Cosmyte Spaceship joined the Hadra label Team (Hadra Alter Vision Record).

In 2020 the Cosmyte crew droped out two EP's: Pyramyte Awake Side and Pyramyte Dream Side

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

There are a lot of moments, concerts, people, places, that gave us the right impact.
One of them is traveling as "pre-profesional" musicians with Super Cumbia band, some Argentinian friends, touring in Europe. We were spending so much good time as a band, as a family, as travelers, by traveling and playing all together.
Other is a concert of Djamanawak, a french band, when they played a 3h30 improvised concert. We were like "wooow, so nice, we want to do that" !

Do you have some project that you want to talk about for 2021

We are working on a Lullaby project.
It's about musical ceremony, a 7 hours night playing, with people sleeping, or dreaming, or just flying inside.
We try explore music as a channel to connect with bigger space in this crazy times, in this crazy world.
We want to explore more about this project.

You recently talked in social networks about an "inversion of the polarity of human consciousness". What about it?

We don't really know more about it, but we can say you that Jbiboulak community announced us by a sercret chanel, that hapenned on the 17 december 2020 this "inversion of the polarity of human consciousness". A kind of global mental change that can happen on earth by the dreams.
They also gave us a link as a cosmic gate to connect to it:

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Super Cumbia y la liga de la Alegria "La vida está hecha pa' otra cosa"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Symbolico Triptrap

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