AFAR – Lulled and Fake (Spotify)

AFAR – Lulled and Fake

AFAR – Lulled and Fake (Spotify)

After hitting the stages of numerous clubs and festivals with their impressive live act, electronica duo AFAR deliver the 12th EP of Vienna’s Heimlich Musik – with Oberst & Buchner and Geju on remix duty. "Lulled and Fake" is a freshly unique piece of music consisting of dark analog synth lines and accentuated guitar notes that create a rich and powerful surface for vocals using a broad spectrum of the harmonic scale. Created in an attic in the middle of nowhere, complex rhythms are guiding the journey exploring the discrepancy between a human being’s inner soul and the constant need for self-promotion in a digital world of superficiality.

Heimlich’s own Oberst & Buchner are extending the original mix by laying down classic acid lines and arpeggiator parts while sticking to the main theme as a storyline. A stripped-down drum kit leaves just enough space for the duo's trademark hypnotic vibe to evolve through the re-imagined arrangement.

The third duo featured on the EP is Geju from Moscow, delivering the second remix for "Lulled and Fake". Their remix is based on the guitar parts while a playful rhythm is created by blending drum parts from the original mix with their own unique style. As a result, Geju transform the original mix into one of their own creations of recognizable value with the potential to create special moments on the dance floor.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 6, 2020