Alan Rigoletto – Celestial Bodies

“The Indie Folk melody attacks its listeners with its energy, not letting go to the very end. Real emotions are included in the composition, beautiful and filled with meaning text and a memorable melody. Deep immersion and enjoyment of the atmosphere. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия Indie Folk атакует своих слушателей своей энергетикой, не отпуская до самого конца. В композицию вложены настоящие эмоции, красивый и наполненный смыслом текст и запоминающаяся мелодия. Глубокое погружение и наслаждение атмосферой.”

Celestial Bodies is a song about insomnia. It was written about a sleepless night in the desert while I was making the cross country move to Los Angeles. This is the third song in a collection of five, the first two songs "Plain Clothed Ghost" and "The Magician" are already available.

Artwork by Anabel Bouza, Cellos by Dan Kassel, Drums by Sean Meyers, and mixed and mastered by TLLOA.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 24, 2022