Alfie Arcuri – DEVILS LIPS (Video)

“Track of completely unimaginable beauty, with the beautiful and charismatic vocals of -Alfie arcuri-. Thanks to its interesting sound arrangement, a pleasant aftertaste appears when listening. Also the positive vibrations of Synthpop make you play it on repeat.”

“Трек совершенно невообразимой красоты, с красивым и харизматичным вокалом -Alfie Arcuri-. Благодаря интересной аранжировке остаётся приятное послевкусие после прослушивания, а позитивные вибрации synthpop заставляют поставить песню на повтор. ”

Devil’s Lips is a fun pop song with a darker and deeper meaning – similar to ‘Dancing on my own’ – a song you can dance to or cry to (but most likely both). It is about temptation, identity and a coming of age.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 7, 2021