Amber Westerman – Easy With You

“With music -amber Westerman- it is easy to realize that you seem to swim with the flow, slowly swaying on the waves of her new single. The voice and acoustic music are tenderly hugged from all sides and lead to their fairy -tale country of love. Love each other.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“С музыкой -Amber Westerman- легко осознать, что вы словно плывёте по течению, медленно покачиваясь на волнах её нового сингла. Голос и акустическая музыка нежно обнимают со всех сторон и ведут за собой в свою сказочную страну любви. Любите друг друга.”

Easy With You' is an easy-listening, captivating love song, with a musician's twist lyrically. Amber wrote this song about the love she shares with her fiancé.

In June 2022, Amber attended the Model and Talent Expo in Dallas, TX, with her modeling Agency Tribe Talent Management, seeking out new opportunities with modeling, acting, and music. She competed against all the singers, songwriters, and dancers attending with her new original song ‘Easy With You’. After going through two rounds of auditions with the song, she was not only chosen as one of final eight talents to perform in the Expo’s final Showcase event, but was also chosen to open the night. The moment she began her performance, the entire room, filled with hundreds of people, went completely silent, all caught in a trance from her soothing voice and enchanting love song. At the final awards ceremony, she was awarded as “Entertainer of The Year.”

A couple months before attending Expo, Amber brought this song to her Producer, Sean Rogers, in Nashville, TN, looking to record it in the studio. They scheduled their first recording session the day after Amber returned from Expo. To say the least, Amber had a newfound excitement to get her song out to the world and was ready to get in the studio right away to keep up with the momentum. Amber states:

“I feel like everything has been unfolding for this song in such divine timing; from getting engaged weeks before Expo, receiving the award, recording in the studio immediately after, to then doing a photo shoot for both the release and engagement, which lead to inspire a homemade music video.”

To add to the special timing of everything with this song, Amber announced the song’s release date on her and her fiancés 5 year anniversary day, August 17th. She released “Easy With You” on all digital music streaming platforms on September 2nd, 2022.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 10, 2022