“The endless stream of pleasure, which pours sweet syrup directly into your soul. Beautiful sound palette and modern arrangement made this track a bright representative of the adult contemporary genre!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Нескончаемый поток удовольствия, который сладким сиропом льётся прямо в вашу душу. Красивая звуковая палитра и современная аранжировка сделали этот трек ярким представителем жанра Adult Contemporary!”


(Toronto, ON - July 12, 2022) Today, Canadian artist Analias releases his highly

anticipated new single “Stay Away” that transports listeners straight to the dance floor.

Listen HERE !

The disco-tinged track doesn’t skip a beat in its electric gusto. Fans have been

flabbergasted by snippets and they are getting a strong comeback. A pure slice of 80s

influence brilliance, the tracks drops more hints towards his forthcoming EP and the

next exciting era of his career.

“Stay Away” is a blissful pop song featuring catchy riffs and bright, hopeful vocals that

showcase Analias’s youthful energy and positive ambition to enjoy life without dramas.

It contains a message to girls and gays to stay strong and not fall for men who will

make you sad and break your heart. And Analias hopes that everyone who listens to it

receives positive energy.

About Analias:

Born in the land of spices and mint tea, forward-thinking singer, songwriter and

producer, Analias knows how to do it all. Inspired by his late father telling him to follow

his dreams, he started writing pop songs unbound by genre and uploading them to

Youtube. Since first emerging on the scene of The Voice France, with his run in the

competition raising his profile through the roof, Analias has self-styled a dynamic