Andrea Sertori – Oak Hands (Spotify)

“In Romantic Italy there are many talented composers of instrumental music. If you were ever been in Venice will love it, Andrea Sertori's music will come to you with such emotions, as in the enchantments of the Venetian landscape.”

“В романтической Италии много талантливых композиторов инструментальной музыки. Если вы когда-либо были в Венеции и полюбили её, то музыка Andrea Sertori вызовет у вас всплеск таких же эмоций, как и обжигающие закаты Венецианских пейзажей.”

A peaceful soft piano composition. It tells us about the rural life of our grandparents...

Andrea Sertori is an Italian pianist and composer of instrumental music. He started his first classical piano studies when he was 9 years old and his first keyboard experiences when he was 15. He had the opportunity to play in different rock bands and at the same time to continue studying piano in order to improve his piano technique and sensitivity as much as possible. Beyond the piano he has the great passion of synthesizers. The study of synthesizers allowed him to learn how to combine classical piano music with electronic music. His first solo work was 'Mosaic Room' (2017), a 5 track EP where piano and synthesizers overlap. From this moment on, in succession, he released a series of tracks that are characterized by a fusion between neo-classical and electronic music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 25, 2021