Ay Wing – Ego (Spotify)

“Most of us are in need of energetic music, which can lift up the mood. "Ego" is a nice example of such a sound. Future Garage style with electronic influences. It's impossible to get away from this strong beat and the mesmerizing voice of Alexandra Landtwing.”


Ay Wing's latest release 'Ego' is a beat driven feel-good anthem that speaks to the part of oneself that is capable of rebirth, of rising above challenges, and letting go. The musicality flaunts a Hip Hop House inspired beat and dreamy hook, along with Ay Wing's inspiring lyrics - taking listeners on a journey through their own psyche.

The song also calls listeners to zoom out to the wider lense of the universe, to see themselves as a part of the bigger picture and realise that we are just one tiny fragment in the scheme of things. 'Ego' is all about perspective, the upward turn and acceptance that occurs when we rebirth ourselves and are part of the 7 stages of grief.

The upcoming EP „Cycle“ will encompass the various stages of the female cycle, while calling for solidarity and striking a balance between masculine and feminine cycles of society.

The release of „Ego“ will be accompanied by live music video, which was produced

by a team of 23 womxn at Berlin’s Oatmilk Studios earlier this year. The video will follow a couple of weeks after the song release in November 2021.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 14, 2021