“This solo piano piece envelops you in a delicate state of bittersweet feelings. Absolutely peaceful mood which slowly unfolds itself in a world of constant flow. Ideal music to listen alone in search of self-balance.”

The 27-year-old pianist Benjamin Grundahl is a rising piano talent in the neoclassical genre. There is nothing quite like the soft depression of a piano key. Expressing serenity through his four pieces 'Ohm & I', 'Sol', 'Atomos', and 'Ad Hoc', the medium-slow instrumentals calm and relax you - and almost make you sonder. On the piece 'Ohm & I', it oozes serenity and tranquility through the soothing, serene melancholy notes paint pictures of Scandinavian forests, calm lakes, and fresh morning mist. On 'Ohm & I', you can expect light piano with deep emotion.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 21, 2022

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