Bjorn Rydhog – Escape (Spotify)

“Music Bjorn Rydhog possesses a surprising feature - it can heal the tech, which deluded in an inconspicuous interpretation of uselessness. Listen to his new single Escape. Find yourself and calm down.”

“Музыка Bjorn Rydhog обладает удивительной особенностью - она может исцелять тех, кто заблудился в непроглядном тумане безысходности. Послушайте его новый сингл Escape. Найдите своё и успокойтесь.”

Artist shared with us few words behind this song:

"Escape" was the first song I crafted back home in Malmö after five inspiring months in India together with my girlfriend. One of the insights that really hit me on the journey, was how unknowingly attached to my thoughts and culture I had been, and in some ways, still am. To get away from unnecessary attachments does take some time and isn’t easy. But still that’s my mission and the song Escape an expression of that desire.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 14, 2021