Black Lilys – Canary in a Coal Mine – From “Lockdown Experience” – song by Black Lilys | Spotify (Spotify)

“Some kind of miracle we're seemingly able to see, much closer and more accessible to everyone. The psychic composition -Canary in a Coal Mine- is a glaring example. Currently coming from the world of neoclassical music.”

“Любое чудо, казалось бы, способны видеть немногие, но оно намного ближе и доступно каждому. Душевная композиция -Canary in a Coal Mine- тому яркий пример. Настоящее ископаемое в мире неоклассической музыки.”

Canary in a coal mine, composed during the first lockdown is the soundtrack to the documentary Lockdown Experience directed by the two Ebinum Brothers dancers.

Canary in a Coal Mine refers to an old practice of miners bringing canaries into coal mines to detect toxic gas emanations. As long as the bird continued to sing, the miners knew that their air supply was safe.

The expression means something or someone who acts as an indicator and becomes an early warning of possible adverse conditions or danger.

How many more Canaries in a Coal Mine will it take before we realize that we have gone too far? How many more scientific reports, burnt forests, polluted seas, extinct species, melting glaciers and new viruses before radical decisions are taken to save the life on our planet

Black Lilys is the sweet blend naturally born between Camille’s husky voice and Robin’s sombre guitar melodies. Together, they offer us a strong indie pop with folk nuances, because they love to combine contrasts. Following their EP “Memories of a Blind Mind” released in 2014, the brother sister duo flavours the musical landscape with their sensitive force, inviting us in the intimacy of a rage that does not leave us indifferent. Multiplying their concerts in these past 3 years, their complicity seems even more obvious and their sincerity wins the adhesion of the public.

This first album, powerful and full of emotion, tenderness, at the same time, recalls, in a way, Björk, Ben Howard, The XX or Aurora. However, it is strikingly unique due to the highly modern realization based exclusively on organic sounds. An invitation to a deep introspective voyage, warm and universal.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 27, 2021