“Have you ever had the need for some silence but also for the suitable rhythm to guide you through? We now have the best choice. "BLBODES" new release sounds like a song with no singing! You can imagine your own lyrics following this stimulating sound pallet, characterized by a taste of Hip-Hip. Very innovative overall work.”

Dusty saturated keys swell into existence and breath life into “Hide Away”, the first single from BLBODES upcoming “Saturday Night Insight” EP. As the keys elegantly collide with a subtly swinging break we are filled with nostalgia and a sound reminiscent of the 90’s, yet BLBODES brings that nostalgia front and centre into 2021 with his own unique style and technique. Layers upon layers of precisely swung and saturated sounds bring this track to its pinnacle - an instant classic.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 24, 2021

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