BOBBY SHANN, Blas Cordero – Double Vision (Spotify)

BOBBY SHANN, Blas Cordero – Double Vision

BOBBY SHANN, Blas Cordero – Double Vision (Spotify)

Bobby Shann and Blas Cordero have joined forces meaning that double trouble are bringing ‘Double Vision’. This Tech-House track has a deep bassy groove that instantly draws you in and transports you to the dancefloor. The production on this release is crisp and precise and made for the ravers as you can’t help but dance along.

The insatiable groove is a key staple in ‘Double Vision’ which keeps it driving with force whilst different elements come in and out maintaining the fresh feel. Including a choppy initial drop paired with a sultry static vocal entices you in. The drama only builds as the mid-section becomes spacey with hints of a drop that certainly does not disappoint

Bobby Shann is known for his detailed producing skills and contemporary take on dance music as his creativity and originality are undeniable. He has consistently proven his musical talents with is previous releases such as ‘Call Me Papi’ and ‘Break It Down’ that has been taking the scene by storm. Enlisting the help of international DJ and producer Blas Cordero has seemed to put the cherry on the cake on ‘Double Vision’ as their styles merge into one flawless tune.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 25, 2020