Bratři – Blocks

“Laid back, well-paced, melodic techno track with large, evolving soundscapes. “Blocks” takes its time with its buildup and break to a most satisfying result where uplifting arpeggios carry you into deliverance. The track’s clean, minimal sound and approach is where it shines.”

Electronic duo Bratři release a new house and techno track called “Blocks”. Twin brothers Jirka and Ondřej Veselý will present it live at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, England, and then at concerts in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania. "Our new single called “Blocks” is a step towards a more melodic and progressive, almost house style for us," Bratři confide. "Recently, we've been enjoying organic loops, which we cut into small pieces and then put together in a different order. We tune some of them and add various effects to them. But these tiny bits of sound then give the track a groove and a certain liveliness. And that's why the name Blocks came out :)“ Bratři are one of the most progressive projects on the Czech electronic scene and the mix of Berlin producer Hannes Bieger is adding a crown to the sound.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 14, 2022