Bratři – Silver

“If you love your techno / tech house house moody and minimalistic, Bratři have you covered. Their latest single “Silver” is a laid back, emotional piece that sneaks on you with nostalgic notes just to take you for a chill ride into the dusk. Before you know it, you’ll be leaving behind a note saying: “Gone to Europe”.”

Silver is a fresh single from the production of Bratři (yes, the Brothers). The first single after the debut album Two Minds is released on April the 1st and presents the more melodic techno twins Jirka and Ondřej Veselý. Bratři are starting an intense spring, which, in addition to other singles, will offer a number of concerts and will culminate in May concerts in England and Lithuania

The melodic dance track Silver has already proved itself to Bratři during concerts. This was also the impulse to present this track first, as Ondřej Veselý admits: “When we included it in the concert playlist some time ago, it had an immediate response. That's why we've been trying to combine our electronics and energy from playing live now so that it's not boring.” "We put an emphasis on the groove so as to make it work and so that we enjoy it. It is the first spring track from the series of singles that we are going to release now," says Jirka.

Bratři are planning to do a lot of concerts this year. Even on Friday, April 1, when Silver is released, Bratři will visit the Dock club in Ostrava. Then on April 6, a big concert awaits them at Brno's Fléda. Everywhere, listeners can hear a new liveset enriched with a new single and other unreleased tracks. As part of the spring concerts, Bratři will also head to Brighton, England, where they will perform two concerts at the legendary festival The Great Escape. The following weekend is another destination abroad, the EuropaVox festival in Vilnius, Lithuania.

12.5. Brighton (UK) - The Great Escape - Three Wise Cats

13.5. Brighton (UK) - The Great Escape - Lates Music Bar

20.5. Vilnius (LT) - EuropaVox Festival

Bratři - TWO MINDS

Techno performed by the Czech duo Bratři finally released on their debut album Two Minds. It’s got the beat, it’s tight and intense. The dance ride of hypnotic beats together with the melodic line creates a harmonious whole. Electronic drums, analog and modular synthesizers are the cornerstones of the music of the twins Jirka and Ondra Veselý.

Artist: Bratři

Title: Two Minds

Release date: 24.09.2021



The techno duo Bratři are a new face on the Czech electronic music scene. Twins Jiří and Ondřej conceived the music project, which oscillates around a combination of catchy electronic dance and techno. The central driving forces are Jiří’s live percussion/drum beats and the melodic motives and sequences created by Ondřej on analogue and modular synthesizers. From September 2019 Bratři took part in various showcases (Nouvelle Prague, BUSH, MENT, ESNS) and after that they appeared among the 16 nominees of prestigious Music Moves Europe Talent Award 2021. They cooperated with renowned producer Hannes Bieger on their debut album Two Minds (9/2021).





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