Harriet Nauer – A Brief Moment

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Lightly song, fascinating with his musical cloth and lyrics. The voice -Harriet Nauer-, like a high-speed car crashes into your memory, conquering a heart. Acoustic song with his highlight, full of diversity and makes returning to listening again and again.”

“Лёгкая песня, завораживающая своим музыкальным полотном и лирикой. Голос -Harriet Nauer-, словно скоростной автомобиль врезается в вашу память, покоряя сердца. Акустическая песня со своей изюминкой, полна разнообразия и заставляет возвращаться к прослушиванию снова и снова. ”


Harriet Nauer. Remember her name. She is now ready to take her artistry to the next level with her 2nd EP ready to drop April 29th. She recently signed with the leading Scandinavian indie-label Playground Music and the global live-agent United Talent Agency.

Her fingerpicking style and expressive lyrics recall the 60-70s’ folk music vibe. She is best described as a timeless singer/songwriter that has already been compared to icons such as Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Kate Bush. She carries that tradition further but always adding her own personal imprint Her cinematic music emphasis on tune and atmosphere and her voice drills itself into ones heart.

Harriet Nauer possesses an incredible ability to write captivating melodies. When she performs you listen.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 8, 2022