Calm Before The Storm – COMO feat. verNation (Video)

“We don’t know the background stories of jamming and performing of this team up song between Como and verNation but this final result is a wonderful bond of styles, filling harmonically each other, making this seems easy and like did it in one go. The mix, production and recordings here managed with full care, offering a beautiful soft listening experience delivering through a right sound package their heartwarming message. Beautiful song! ”

Calm Before The Storm: “2 voices and a grand piano telling an emotional story about love and loss”… This is the first duet written and performed by Como and Vern, two artists with careers in completely different genres, – one acoustic, the other electronic. For her debut single Suitcase (Sony Music) Como received 3 nominations for the Austrian Music Award. Vern and his band “The Uptown Monotones” have been successfully touring the UK for three years in a row.

The Song is a beautiful and melancholic duet in the tradition of subtile ballads like Skinny Love, Falling Slowly, Say Something, Mad World, Hello, …

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Reviewed by Nagamag on December 1, 2020