Carson C Lee – Danksy (Spotify)

Carson C Lee – Danksy

Carson C Lee – Danksy (Spotify)

Danksy's concept took place in Ramallah, West Bank paying homage to the artist Banksy and his artwork/activism inspired during my stay in the middle east for over a year.

The music video shows spray painting on the separation fence between Palestine and Israel in the beginning -

The song takes the listener on a journey to stand up to the "New Normal" and to have courage during times of uncertainty even if it means taking it on alone

It was a process establishing the foundation of the song and the overall structure - This is part of the reason it is a 6:40 journey with multiple pathways.

Carson C Lee is a lofi/chillhop rap producer from Michigan. Initially, he started making hip-hop beats and writing intricate lyrics to help aspiring artists as a side hustle. This grew into an opportunity to intern for Wu Music Group and expand into a wide variety of creative endeavors. After living in the Middle East, he decided to pursue his passion of music full time. In addition, he is an ESL instructor teaching kids across the world while providing a fresh perspective on Youtube for up-and-coming artists to gain knowledge and insight in music entrepreneurship.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 24, 2020