Catch the Rise – Purple (Spotify)

“Feels like you are sitting on the edge of a cliff enjoying the sunrise, closing your eyes. Seeing the wonderful moments of your life like a bird soaring above the clouds. Yet your own skin feels the warm wind and the caressing sun. You can be that happy with -Catch the Rise-.”

“Будто бы вы сидите на краю скалы наслаждаясь рассветом и закрываете глаза. Вы видите прекрасные моменты вашей жизни. И вы словно птица парите выше облаков. И собственной кожей ощущаете теплый ветер, и ласкающее солнце. Будьте счастливы с Catch the Rise.”

Artist shared few words about this song with us:
“Purple is such an interesting color to me. It’s a little warm and soothing while at the same time dark and deep. Purple is the real color of love in my eyes. Not pink. Pink is too soft. Real love is hard and dark at times. And it will definitely leave you bruised. I had just left a very deep love when I was working on this song. However, I didn’t set out with the intention of making a song about love… but once I realized that the music was expressing what I was feeling, the color Purple seemed to really capture where I was emotionally at the time.”

Few words about the artist:
Catch the Rise is a music project from producer/composer Britt Barker that is aimed at capturing and reflecting the complex yet beautiful moments of life through song. In a sense, his songs are his soundtrack.

Driven by electronic-based production and live guitar instrumentation, the music of Catch the Rise creates a unique, atmospheric space for the listener to have an experience- to reflect, to be energized or to simply escape. The songs provide sonic color for each moment, whether it be for the fan listening for pure enjoyment or the visual artist looking to enrich their project with tones and texture.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 8, 2020