clear eyes – everything i’m missing (ft. Marian Hill) (Video)

“Full of creativity Chillstep creation, just out from “Clear eyes”. We really enjoyed the synth sound layering, in a low bpm mix with remarkable clarity. Also the soft voice of Marian raises the overall production level even higher.”

clear eyes is the passion project of of producer Jeremy Lloyd, the non-vocal half of Marian Hill. Delving deeper into electronic layering and palettes, the clear eyes project is a way for Lloyd to tap into a different mood, making music with beauty as its first priority and conjuring feelings of serenity and peace.

Still in recovery from a traumatic injury to both his wrists that rendered him unable to make music for 4 months, Jeremy is positively overflowing with creativity and has executive produced 3 albums that will all release this year (Marian Hill, Reo Cragun, and Clear eyes). “everything i’m missing” features the always-crystalline vocal stylings of his Marian Hill partner, Samantha Gongol. The first adjective that comes to mind with this track is “breezy”. From the sampled acoustic guitar plucks to Samantha’s vocals, there’s an unassuming swagger that is only compounded by simple beats that know exactly what their duty is.

As Lloyd puts it, “As a producer, you always have so many ideas that never make it to a release.” clear eyes is his opportunity to finally bring those sounds to our ears.

With all these song ideas now taking fruition, clear eyes is releasing an album that is filled to the brim with features. Feeling for Two includes features from a diverse array of artists — Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, T.H.E.Y.’s Drew Love, indie-pop duo Slenderbodies, Bay-area rapper Rexx Life Raj, pop crooner Ayelle, frequent Flume-collaborator Reo Cragun, Lorem-favorite Nolie, electronic producers Tennyson and Lophiile, up and coming songwriter Roísin Marie, and of course, longtime collaborator Samantha Gongol of Marian Hill.

“I love the idea that I can have a session with any artist, from any genre, and come away with a song that feels like them and also feels like me. It’s about the balance of creating a unique sonic world where there’s still room for everyone. ”

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 8, 2021